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Julie of Light Omega

All who truly recognize the oneness of the One will come to exist in humility in relation to the All.  For all that is, is sacred, and humility honors this sacredness and the vastness of what is most real, most alive, most worthy.  The exercise of humility comes naturally to those who exist in reverence as a state of being, reverence for what is, reverence for the Oneness.  It does not have to be taught.  It is part of the essential nature of the soul. 

And yet many who rise in spiritual knowledge and even in spiritual light begin to lose their way in relation to humility as their knowledge increases and as their sense of rightness increases proportionately.  Herein lies the downfall of many who have risen in the light.  The ego, which has not been completely purified, begins to attach itself to the self-awareness of 'being right,' and instead of seeing the One everywhere, in all stages of unfoldment, begins to assert its 'rightness' and its superiority to those who are less 'right.'


This is a very unfortunate circumstance, spiritually, for it creates a cloud of distortion around the very spiritual perceptions that were part of the elevation into greater light.  It begins to mix light with darkness, and knowledge with untruth.  Such a departure from purity is looked at with sadness from the vantage point of the spiritual realms, and those who have departed from humility into the territory of asserting their own 'rightness' are in need of restoration and correction toward the purity and truth that they have begun to leave behind.


There are those souls who walk the earth of very simple persuasion, who love simply, who take delight in nature simply, who live lives of goodness and compassion to the extent they are capable of, who never need to deal with the question of humility.  They, like many of the indigenous peoples of the Earth in all countries and in all cultures, have an innate sense of the vastness of the universe and of the sacredness of the life that populates it.  They may be simple in intellectual knowledge, but they are deep in spiritual knowledge.


Such is not always the case with those who pursue a spiritual path more consciously.  There, along the way, before the oneness of All becomes part of the spiritual fabric and structure of their being, they may find themselves seeking to shine above others rather than through others.  In this, they retain the light of the sun but not its warmth which can only be felt within.  And light without warmth has departed from the wholeness which the Highest light of God is meant to manifest.


There is also a need to clarify the difference between humility and humiliation, for many fear becoming more humble, believing that it places them at a disadvantage in relation to others.  They fear being seen as 'less than.'  Yet true humility has nothing to do with this.  This is a fear of the ego influenced by distortions that are not real.  True humility involves honoring and respect for oneself as for all.  In fact, the understanding of humility as a synonym for 'honoring' would not be far from correct.  And the understanding of the opposite of humility as not superiority but 'self-righteousness' would also not be far from correct.


Those who seek to stand in the light of truth must always link this truth with the compassion of the heart, both the human heart and the Divine Heart of the One, for in the unity of All there is no separation between love and truth.  They are one.  And to manifest the Highest on the physical plane it is also necessary to manifest this everpresent joining of love and truth, of compassion and knowledge.  Without this joining, one exists in an in-between state of bringing forth partial-truths and partial falsehoods.

Be, therefore, honoring of all around you and of life itself, for the state of honoring contains within itself both love and reverence for the vastness of the One who is all, the One who gives life to all.  Blessed is the sacred Oneness that contains life and is life.



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