All of life welcomes you into the new reality of One.

Julie of Light Omega

This is the moment, beloved one, for examining your heart and your life to see if there is more that you would like to bring into being, more that you would like to make possible.  Dreams, hopes, and visions have a new priority now,  for they are bridges to the new spiritual reality that is coming into existence, asking you to become part of it, asking you to reach for your own Divine potential.


Some of you are still considering the question of whether there is a Divine potential within you or if your human experience is all that there is.  This is understandable, since the many lifetimes of separation from the core truth of your soul has created a limitation in perspective.  Nevertheless, the windows are open now and a vast and glorious landscape is coming into view, revealing a spiritual reality that incorporates many planes of being and whose foundation lives deep within your very own heart.  This reality is all around you. It is making itself felt within every life form and in every consciousness.  It is awakening within all that lives.


Your participation in this new reality is already happening since you are here on the Earth in a body and all embodied beings are now taking part in this transition.  Yet, your conscious self has the choice, now, as to how deliberate it will be in letting go of your past identity in order to claim your new identity as a child of the universe.  You are that, whether you claim it or not.  However, your conscious choice can lift your life into a new state of being and lift your heart into a new state of awareness and wonder.


You may have suffered many pains in your life.  You may feel that there are many places in you that are not yet healed.  This is not a reason to postpone your immersion in the new consciousness, the new energy that has come to the Earth.  Instead, allow God’s light to heal you and to wipe away all that is discordant from your heart.  Allow the process of moving into light to show you the path of greatest growth so that you may feel the joy of becoming what you have always hoped for yet not dared dream of.


While it is true that there are many things that cannot be achieved by human effort alone, there are no things that cannot be achieved by human effort linked with Divine effort,  since what is Divine is limitless by nature, and this Divine nature has the capacity to bring you and all that is into greater wholeness.  Therefore, you are invited to give yourself to the new sacred reality that you are already part of.  You are welcomed into it and, indeed, are already part of it. 


Let go of fear and disillusionment, beloved one.  Let go of hopelessness and the limited thinking of your smaller self.  There is no such thing as a ‘small self’ in spiritual terms.  There is only the beauty and holiness of each divinely created soul to be seen, and felt, and experienced within your very own body.  This is the sacred moment that your soul has waited for.  It is the reason you are here now.  Know that you are welcomed to the life of the sacred.  It is yours to live and to celebrate.


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