Burst into singing all ye lands,

for the time of awakening is here.

Julie of Light Omega

Long have hearts awaited the time when suffering would end and heart and mind would find ease and a sense of peace within the ordinary events and circumstances of life.  This sense of peace has been elusive, however, for in times past, it was easy for it to be interrupted by inner and outer events which brought conflicting motives and feelings into the picture and separated the heart from the deeper strata of its own being.

Today, however, changed inner conditions due to increased light on the earth are making possible a transformation of the inner landscape.  As a result, the heart's peace and the sense of grace or blessing brought about by the inflow of spiritual light can be experienced with greater ease than ever before.  These new conditions are based primarily on the purification brought about by light, and they can affect life in ways that would not have been imaginable before.

An inner sense of peace permeates one who lives in a state of grace, as does the feeling of abundant love which flows in and through the deeper levels of being like a river that has no beginning and no end.  This is a river whose Source is constantly replenishing the life-giving waters which, as they flow from the point of origin, bring perpetual blessings to all parts of the self.

Herein lies a timeless mystery - that the river and the self are not two separate things but one.  For the blessings of light allow for the joining of the two so that one's inner sense of self IS the river, and the river is the self. As a consequence, one can experience the perpetual flow of Divine life moving through all things, and the sense of flow, rather than being a peripheral aspect of reality, becomes the central aspect, merging with the sense of self.

The feeling of abundant love is carried on this inner flow to heart, mind, and body, for in truth, there is no separation between any part of one's being and any other.  The cells of the body as well as the mind and heart can feel love.  The fingers of the hand and the crook of the arm can sense love's presence.  All  that is, vibrates with the sense of infinite and everpresent love which casts its rays over all that is outside  of the self as well, causing those around one and the physical environment itself to become infused with an atmosphere of love.

The consciousness of blessing or grace arises in the absence of separation from the Source, and gives to life a confidence and security that can penetrate whatever remains of the darker places of fear and doubt.  This security is not an idea, but a living Presence that conveys safety and protection – a sense of being held, seen, known, nurtured, and cared for in all the ways that are possible to be cared for.  The sense of security allows the psyche to exist in a state of continual peace, free of worries concerning any harm that might befall it, free of having to prepare for future difficulties that might arise.

Even if life brings to one's doorstep events that were unanticipated or that one would not have wished for, even then, the state of grace can remain, surrounding each new circumstance with the knowledge of love's presence.  This gives to the heart more than a feeling of being able to get through something.  It conveys to the heart the certainty that all is well, no matter what eventualities one must encounter.

The life of the soul permeates the life of the heart and mind in a grace-filled life, and both heart and mind are infused with the wisdom of the soul and with the soul's sense of the perfection of Divine life unfolding. Seeing only perfection everywhere, even when external circumstances are different from what one would have wished, allows for an abundant sense of freedom, for there is no longer anything to run from and no longer anything to protect against. Seeing only God everywhere, one becomes invulnerable to darkness, for the capacity of the soul to remain anchored in light is the effective means to dispel darkness which, from this vantage point, has no power to diminish life.  Instead, there is the greater capacity to open one's heart and one's arms to all of life, with the certainty that the only One who will be encountered by doing so is God.

This openness to life and to the inner realms of oneself is a priceless gift of existence that belongs to each soul.  For within each soul is the perfection of knowledge of its own origins in sacred love.  Thus, it is a matter of time and unfoldment so that what is an interior truth can make itself known to the conscious self, and what has been awaited through former times of pain and difficulty can become the living reality of the future.


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