Mandala of the Soul

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I. Relationships Beyond Time and Space

Julie of Light Omega

We live in the presence of mystery, a mystery that is not opaque to us but is progressively revealed as our soul gains greater access to conscious experience.  The mystery of the Divine that informs our physical reality has seemed unfathomable to us for a very long time. We have tried to peer behind the veil in all the ways that faith, revelation, intuition, science, and mythology have allowed us to. Today, in the presence of our growing understanding of the interconnectedness of life - of the earth to ourselves, of our selves to each other, of our minds to our bodies, of our bodies to the larger body of the earth - we begin to perceive that which was previously invisible or unfathomable.  We begin to sense the everpresent unity behind the apparent separateness of our various experiences.

Interconnectedness among souls exists because all are part of the One, all come from That Which Has No Name but 'I Am.'  This Oneness is what makes subtle energetic and emotional connections possible, that is, it allows us to feel with others, to know others, to sense others, even when they may not wish to be known or sensed by us.  Nevertheless, our antennae are attuned to the inner reality of others, often for better or worse. Our knowledge needs to progress still further, however. It needs to progress to the understanding that the energetic connections that exist between ourselves and those we love, as well as between ourselves and those we would wish to love, are not diminished by time or distance. As embodied souls, we communicate along lines of energetic resonance that bridge both time and space - for example, we may not have seen a loved one for many years but know they are 'out there' and sense their presence, or, a loved one may have died yet remains alive and present in our consciousness. In both instances it is not only a sense of presence that may exist. It is also that healing issues can be addressed that were not adressable while the loved one was nearby. Despite time and distance, we are able to transform the relationship along lines of energy at a time when we have changed, when more healing has taken place for us, even in the absence of physical contact.  This is a great mystery of soul kinship, and it is most important where forgiveness needs to be given to another or received from another. There are no real barriers to completing the healing process into greater love with anyone.


Energetic lines of resonance and communication operate within space as well, for example between parents and adult children who may live at a great distance from each other. Many parents whose children have grown up wish that they could have known when their children were younger what they know now, now that their children are older.  It is a deep part of the mystery of the interconnection of souls that healing in the present can be retroactive toward the past, rearranging the ways in which past experiences were deposited within body, mind, and memory. Such healing becomes retroactively possible according to the inner changes that have taken place for us on deep emotional and energetic levels.  For all embodied souls including parents and other loved ones, relationships can continue to heal even if the participants never see each other again.  Forgiveness, in particular, is always possible. Compassion, also, can melt both the rancor and tension that may  have built up over years.  A change in one in this respect produces a change in the other. This is the mystery of Oneness expressed in the so-called 'ordinary' ways of relating to others.



A parent that has had a 'difficult child' who evoked a pattern of angry or intolerant responses can find, later on, forgiveness and compassion within themselves toward this same child who, receiving it from them even at a distance, can begin to be freed from self-blame or reciprocal anger, or,


An adult child who has sought distance from a particularly difficult or uncommunicative parent  can find within themselves the tolerance and forgiveness that allows unconditional love to flow toward the other, sufficiently so that the other begins to feel more open to being loved, more possibility for believing that love is real, thus opening the doors to greater communication.


It is in this way that the increased spiritual and emotional maturity of individuals as they grow can be communicated on a soul level to others, who, sensing this change in the original bond and way of relating with another, can also begin to change, often with the acquisition of greater freedom for themselves.


Mystery surrounds us.  Mystery informs our relationships. Mystery brings to us circumstances we love and are grateful for as well as those we would rather not have and wish to avoid. The responsibility of knowledge asks us to not treat events as if they were accidental, but rather to view them within the prism of 'mystery,' knowing that the event is a messenger of a truth yet to be revealed, and that we, as sacred participants within our own lives, can seek to know the message as well as the messenger.


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