Mandala of the Soul

Burst into singing all ye lands,

for the time of awakening is here.

II. Sacred Breath

Julie of Light Omega

Mystery is all around us. It is within us as well, creating the life of our bodies and the connection between our physical body and other parts of ourselves that are contained in the term 'energy body.'  Our 'energy body' is the formative layer of our being, that which links the creative Source of who we are with its physical expression. This link is subtle yet powerful.  It allows us to live as spiritual beings within physical reality. It allows us to breathe in Divine air, the air of Spirit, even while we breathe normally and naturally without thought and without effort. Our breath begins at the time of birth and ends at the time of death.  During this period we are nourished both physically and spiritually by our breath.


Sacred breath is the link between dimensions. It is the link between what we call the 'upper worlds' and the 'lower world' of physical reality. Breath links vibrational frequencies across dimensions, allowing the light and truth of our higher being to transmit to the body the spiritual nourishment which our body requires.


We tend to think of breath in terms of its physical function of oxygenating our blood and aerating those parts of the body that require this to function. We do not think of it as a sacred gift from the higher dimensions of Divine reality. This gift, this sacred breath is meant to convey to us the truth of our multidimensional reality, a reality that each embodied soul shares no matter who they are or to what degree they have advanced spiritually.  Breath is a common denominator for all living beings. It carries the life-force that informs life. What distinguishes one from another is how conscious we become of the Divine nature of that which we take for granted.


Breath signals the beginning of life.  It is the first outer sign of habitation  of consciousness within the physical body. Its cessation is the final sign of departure of consciousness from the physical body. In this way sacred breath frames physical embodiment. It is the life-force which initiates embodiment at the beginning of life and brings it to a close at the end of life. All that lives is breathed through by sacred breath.


This is the mystery of breath, unknown but knowable -  that the holy Breath of God that is the Source of life for all beings becomes the physical breath that we breathe, condensing itself into a physical stream which expands our lungs and feeds our cells and tissues in ways that science has taught us to recognize.  Such 'condensation' is literally involved with making more dense the higher spiritual dimensions that are part of our energy body so that the physical part of ourselves can be maintained and supported.  


We live in mystery. We breathe in mystery. We take for granted what seems apparent and obvious because we do not yet sense the mystery behind it, the mystery of Divine life, of our own being, of that which is One becoming many. 




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