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Daily Meditations for the Heart

Dear Beloved Ones,

Meditations on Love, Relationships, and Letting Go offers seed-thoughts to meditate and reflect on for those experiencing the loss, transition, or ending of a relationship, and for all who wish to love more deeply as an expression of the way in which souls are meant to live.

The Calendar entries are simple in expression yet broad in their applicability. They extend the consciousness of the possibilities of love, renewing the understanding that all love flows from God and is meant to flow toward all of life. As this happens, relationships that are sacred and whole can come into being, replacing all limitations of the past.

Meditations on Love, Relationships, and Letting Go may be used to raise one's perception of what love is and can be, and also to create a view of life as an everchanging flow, emanating from a Divine source.  The best way to benefit from these e-mailed messages is to sit with them for a few minutes each day, breathing quietly, and letting the words move through you with your breath. This simple process allows the light within each message to permeate your body and consciousness most fully.

Here are a few of the daily meditations:

Sample Meditations

All of life is about letting go.  

In each moment you are becoming someone new.

To let go purely, one must become grateful,

for gratitude honors life and sets the heart free.

Each soul has a deepest heart that is as vast as the sky. 

Therefore never think that your love belongs to 

     just one or several. 

In this deepest heart, your love belongs to the world.

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Blessings, beloved ones.  May these meditations help you connect with the depth of love within you. 

Julie of Light Omega



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