The Sphinx - Symbol of the Sacred Human
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Another name for the Great Sphinx of Gizeh is 'transmutation' or 'becoming'. For the conception of the Sphinx is evolutionary if we think of the long arc of time, and transformational if we think in terms of the present accelerated time period we are in.

The idea of a human form above an animal body is not meant to be a static image, but one that rises out of the earth, giving birth at the first level to the domain of instinct and especially to the instinct for survival, and at the second level to the higher instincts which become the prototype for the advancing human being.  These higher instincts have only been partially realized today.  For being human is also an evolutionary process, and an understanding of what 'humanity' involves changes along with the consciousness that supports it.

The body of a lion, traditional in usage within ancient times, supports the human form above it, communicating strength and nobility, especially the nobility connected with protection and nurturance of both cherished ones and ideals.  The lion's body relates to the single-minded devotion to the protection, upholding, and containment of these ideals, the way one would protect, uphold, and contain young ones in one's care.

All that we really know of the Sphinx is its grandeur and its longevity, and yet the image speaks to the heart in mysterious ways.  Beyond the mystery of its origin lies the mystery of its message which is both human and transcendent.  It is not without meaning, for example, that the Great Sphinx faces to the East.  It is an affirmation of its eternal relationship with the Rising Sun, the prototype in ancient times for the victory of light over darkness.  Though modern research, writings, and discoveries, both alleged and real, have found mysterious passageways and aspects of construction of the Sphinx that allude to purposes that are both astronomical and other-worldly, its spiritual purpose is to concentrate an energy of hope and of affirmation to last throughout time, and especially to be present during the 'end-times' that would bring about the last great battle between light and darkness. 

It was understood by its creators that the Great Sphinx would communicate this meta-message throughout the course of humanity's evolution.   Though the scientific mind with its rational and investigative approach would only gradually learn what the Sphinx of Gizeh was in its origins, purpose, and construction, the message of the Sphinx would nevertheless speak to a deeper layer of human consciousness and as it did so, would transmit an energy the way a beacon transmits light.  This energy would embed itself in the layer of truth that resonates with the deeper knowing of humanity, and would allow the unconscious or subconscious self to feel identified with the Sphinx, even while the conscious mind might have little knowledge of such identification. 

It is in this way that the spiritual message of the Sphinx was to be transmitted across the centuries – not primarily through scholarly research but through the energetic transmission of a current of hope that transformation into the higher aspects of humanity is possible for each individual and for the world as a whole, and that the victory over darkness is assured by the rising of the light.

This spiritual intention and the construction that emerged from it was a gift to a fledgling humanity, barely conscious, then, of its spiritual origins, following a period in which its original knowledge had receded into a blurred awareness.  The Sphinx stood and stands as a visible testament that one day humanity will rise again in understanding and in glory, and achieve its full potential as reawakened beings in full possession of the knowledge of its Divine origin.


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