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Julie of Light Omega

There are many who strive, today, to love without limits, that is to say, unconditionally, who find it possible to do with those who do not burden them with distress, or cause them difficulties in any one of a number of ways, yet who, in the presence of someone else's rage, rejection, or indifference, find it impossible to respond with love.   

This limitation of the human heart cannot be overcome through the use of will, except on a limited basis, for the will-to-love can be plentiful, but the emotions that get in the way of love can also be plentiful.  What is needed is a fuller immersion in, and experience of, the 'vibration' of Love, so that it becomes a living reality that is first offered to the self, after which it can be offered to others. 

The vibration of limitless or unconditional love is not one that is self-created.  Rather, it partakes of the Divine and must be received in the way of an experience of God's love that softens the heart, melting the sharp edges that are often carried in relation to unhealed situations in life or in relation to people with whom one has had difficulty in the past.  One can speak of 'unconditional love' and understand that it lives within each human heart at its Divine core, but to arrive at the place where it can be felt as a feeling and conveyed to others as well, it must be awakened first, and this awakening is an awakening of the Christ-self within.

To speak of the Christ-self within is not to identify such love with any particular religion, for it does not belong to any religion.  It belongs to the universe of souls and to the Heart from which all human hearts derive.  This greater Heart has included in the lesser, the capacity to reach toward the limitless in the way of love, compassion, mercy, and gratitude, and has provided an inner path to do so which is carved out by the many ways in which one can pray for, meditate on, and receive an experience of Divine love.  In this way, the human heart becomes connected with the Heart of God, the Heart of Hearts, and can then love others with what it has experienced within itself. 

Often, the awakening to the unconditional love that God has for all souls that man seeks to find within occurs spontaneously when the soul is ready, simply because it is time, and the embodied self is ripe for such an experience. Sometimes, the synergy of being with a group of others who pray together and share in God's love can quicken the awakening of the Divine heart within each human heart.  And sometimes, being in the presence of an Illuminated One - a being who has awakened to the Divine Heart within sufficiently to transmit the vibration to others - is needed in order that the light within be ignited as if by a small match that then produces a flame that grows and grows.

The longing for an experience of Divine love in order to feel it, to become it, and to share it with humanity, are the steps toward awakening of the Christ-self.  At the foundation of this longing is the spiritual gravitation of the human heart toward the Heart of God.  This gravitation is something that is indigenous to the human soul.  It is part of the spiritual unfoldment of the soul.  And so allowing it to grow and nurturing it, will ultimately produce the benefits of longing and of praying, expecially when accompanied by the purification of those aspects of thought and feeling that may additionally be standing in the way of greater love.

In relation to such an awakening, it is important to understand two things: first, that spiritual awakening for each and every soul is much more possible today, due to the earth's infusion with greater light.  This infusion has already transformed the spiritual atmosphere in which humanity lives.  Across the board, it is making it more possible for souls to have experiences of spiritual deepening that either would not have been possible before, or would have taken much longer.  Second, one must realize that the words 'unconditional love' or 'limitless love' can be used without the speaker having full awareness of their meaning.  For until the experience of merging and melting of heart within Heart takes place, it is not possible to know what the words mean, although it is still possible for the spiritual gravitation to take place that enables the heart to keep reaching toward what it most deeply seeks.

The Christ-self within is the capacity to embody God's heart within one's own and to share the love that comes from this joining.  All steps taken in pursuit of this joining will bear fruit, and all steps taken with indifference to the outcome of any action or path in terms of love, will increasingly separate one from the Source of love.  This is to say that in order to receive Love, one must desire it, one must have a place within where it can reside, and one must wish to share it, for such love cannot be held for the benefit of the self.  This would be incompatible with its essence.

There are many guides, steps, paths, and practices which are all designed to open the heart to greater love.  What is important is to begin walking toward the Heart whose call is sounding ever more loudly, even now, as it attempts to heal an earth that is greatly in need of healing.

May all who seek unconditional love seek to share it in the way of God - as the gentle rain that falleth on the good and the evil alike.  And may all such seeking bear fruit and be blessed.    

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