What is higher shall be lower, and what is lower shall be higher,

in a unity of One.

Julie of Light Omega

The human being is composed of multiple 'bodies' that are layers of energy wrapped around a central core.  The central core is the Divine matrix which houses the combined genetic code and soul-essence that gave rise to the body and the formative cellular structure.  Around this core is what we know as the physical body.  The central core is that place in which spirit and matter fuse and in which the source of the physical, namely, the Father-Creator God and the Mother-Creatrix God become one in the manifestation of the Divine/human form.

Around the physical layer of our being and interpenetrating it are other energetic layers which correspond to aspects of consciousness.  These permit the penetration of the higher dimensions of light when the bodies are clear, and they effectively  block out higher light when they are not.  The neutralization of the capacity of the energy bodies to transmit light is one of the prices that human beings have had to pay for embodied existence and the pursuit of individuation, for only then could such misalignment occur that would result in the energy bodies no longer being able to transmit the light of the higher dimensional self or the higher frequencies of light.

The 'etheric' body and the other bodies that are closest to the physical self are what is commonly described as the human auric field, and beyond this field lie the additional energy bodies which join each individual embodiment and soul with the highest light of God, the Source of all. Divinity, therefore, and connection with the divine Source of our being, lies both within the central core of the physical structure that houses  the genetic core, and  is also a result of the interpenetration of the physical body and the higher energy bodies which are connected to God-Source in consciousness as well as in energy.

While we may speak of the 'higher' or 'lower' self in relation to the higher and lower frequencies of light that predominate within each energy body, in truth, there is no 'higher' or 'lower' self as all bodies are interpenetrating, and all are connected with divinity and with the Source of their creation.  Nevertheless, to speak of 'higher' and 'lower' allows us to distinguish frequencies of vibration and therefore of consciousness, and permits a comparison of layers of awakened knowledge which is useful to the human perspective.

The higher self, then, is a layer of consciousness as well as a vibratory layer within each individual being.  This layer houses the God-Self consciousness that is given to each and every soul as part of the integrity of their being.  No matter how separated conscious human experience may be from this level of self, the higher self awareness belongs to each one, and in the course of time shall reunite with its physical counterpart so that life may be lived on all levels as one seamless whole.

Within today's manifestation, however, the higher self must be contacted through meditation, prayer, or, in some cases, messages are received via guidance, dreams, or in other ways. This higher self is the part of one's consciousness that contains the 'Atma', the breath of God individualized as Soul or Self.  This Self is completely at one with the One who is all, and as such, has also been referred to as the 'I Am Presence', derived from the biblical 'I Am that I Am'.  It is the consciousness of being not only a part of God, but of being fused in substance and essence with God as a totality.

In a state of prayer, it is possible to pray to both the Divine being of God and also to one's own higher self, since the two are differentiated only in terms of one being the name given to the individualized aspect of the totality.  It would be like distinguishing between a drop of water and the ocean from which it came.  The drop certainly has an existence of its own since its form gives it such, but in no other way is it really separate from the ocean.  Similarly, the higher self is not separate except in locale from any other aspect of God.

The grandeur of the human potentiality is this: that when humanity is able to reach the point of unification of his energy bodies, that is to say, when there is no longer a separation between life experienced on the physical plane and life within the higher dimensions of consciousness, then the unified being will operate as One within One, and what is higher shall be lower and what is lower shall be higher, as it was, and is, and is meant to be.

Thus, does God manifest his God-ness within the countless number of individual lifestreams that come from the great ocean of Oneness, flowing always from the Source and toward the Source, in an eternal movement of unity  and differentiation.



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