The Divine Heart as
Anandamaya Mai - In the Stream of Divine Love (1926)

Ma Anandamaya Mai

October, 1926




the beauty of the Soul                    


Julie of Light Omega

The soul is that part of each being that transcends time and space, living on a plane of its own in a timeless state in which it gathers the fruits of embodied experience and casts them into a shape of its own making, determined in part by the essence of its own nature, and in part by the shape of the learning that has gone on during physical life. 

Each soul contains within itself a quality of God-in–manifestation that it concentrates within itself more than any other.  In fact, it may have several such qualities that are its own particular manifestation of the Divine Source of all.  When fully manifested, these bring the soul into a heightened state of perfection in unity with the One.  There is no soul without such a quality of perfection, for each has been designed to reflect the beauty, wisdom, love, and glory of the One Being who is beyond all attributes.

The perfume of the soul is that aspect whose fragrance, when met, pierces the heart with joy to see and feel. It forms an eternal bond in love with all other souls, for such perfume is the heavenly vapor of the soul's expression as part of Infinite Love, and its desire is to spread this heavenly scent to the rest of the Universe as a reflection of God's divine beauty and majesty. 

The perfume of the soul is also that part of it that engages in the beauty of creation, embarking on lifetime after lifetime of expression so that the embodiment may come to know itself and God in a fuller way.  This desire to spread its sweet knowledge to the embodied aspect of itself and to the earth as a whole is an eternal component of the soul that has, as a central desire, the greater manifestation of God's being and love throughout the entire universe.  In this sense, the soul is in partnership with God in a very immediate way, seeking to extend Creation into the infinite.

Every soul comes into being with a fundamental desire to manifest itself more fully, that is, to bring into complete expression the great beauty it feels inside.  For this to happen, the soul must be able to enter the human sphere as well as remaining within the higher dimensions, so that God's essence can be transfused down to the very cells that make up physical matter, both within the human body and within the elements of nature as well.

When it happens that the soul is capable of finding the means to reveal itself within the plane of time and space, there is great joy that can be felt and the outflow of the perfumed scent that is the essence of the exquisite beauty that the soul contains. All souls are endowed with this beauty, from the most cherished and outwardly beautiful, to the most lowly in the world's eyes.  All are beautiful.

The perfume that emanates from the soul bends to the earth to grace it with its blessing and to bring the eternal fragrance of the Divine to an otherwise dry and thirsty land.  Always, this perfume suggests realms beyond time and space that are not yet visible to human eyes, and always, it brings with it the eternal love of the Father-Mother God for all of Creation.  This is the mission of the soul, and in its realization shall the earth be made whole.   


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