Mandala of the Soul

All that is resonates as One.


Julie of Light Omega

Beloved One,

Your soul exists as an eternal part of God.  This is the part of you that is deepest, truest, and most real.  It is your core identity and remains so despite whatever views to the contrary may prevail within your embodied consciousness.


For some, it may seem as if the existence of the soul is a liability rather than an asset, as it creates the need for a far greater responsibility for life than might otherwise be the case, and asks each embodied being to become more conscious, more aware, more accountable for the choices they make.  This runs counter to the prevailing temperament of those who seek immediate satisfaction, rewards that are visible rather than invisible in relation to effort, and the desire for ego-gratification that ensures a feeling of worthwhileness based on what one does rather than on who one is. 


Your being rather than anything you do is the source of your true identity, and the shift toward this more deeply rooted perception will change the way in which you view your outer life.  It will remove from that arena the idea that things happen by chance, and will bring to the forefront within all outer activity the understanding that the soul’s truth, wisdom, and values, must be embraced fully if life is to have the deepest meaning and if actions are to embody light.


The perspective of forever is that of the eternal soul that seeks to make itself manifest within physical form, within physical embodiment.  This is the path of return that redeems all of consciousness from the state of duality to the state of unity, and ends the long and painful era of separation that has characterized most of human consciousness.


The eternal quality of the soul is linked with the eternal nature of Divine being, with an intent to manifest within each human form a bridge between the eternal and the temporal, between that which is beyond time and space and that which is within time and space.  You are that bridge, and it is this unity of manifestation that is the underlying purpose for the creation of physical form.  The time for the integration or re-integration of these two realms has now arrived.


You, in your own consciousness, know that you are more than your thoughts, more than your activities, and more than whatever successes you have had or mistakes you have made within your life.  You know this because it is imprinted as the truth of your soul and it lives within you.  While it is true that the mind can deny this reality, the deeper strata of the heart cannot.  Therefore, no matter what beliefs are held, the soul’s truth remains at these deepest levels of the heart.


It is time now to reclaim the knowledge and understanding of forever.  It is time to live as the eternal being that you are, with the wish to gain insight and understanding as to what that may mean.  The path toward such knowledge is now stretching out before you, illumined by the light of God now present on the Earth that is awakening souls to their true identity.  It is time to embrace this identity and to allow it to fill you with its truth, to allow it to lead you toward the deeper meaning of your life as you awaken to the Divine core of who you are. 

May all beings be blessed with this knowledge and understanding as the light of God now dawns upon the Earth.


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