Mandala of the Soul

We are one Body, one Life


Julie of Light Omega

When we push something that weighs a lot, we use an energy-force that combines our will with the physical energy of our bodies to exert pressure on that which we wish to move.  Our 'will' is our intention,  and our intention activates the flow of energy that moves through our arms and legs to push or move something forward.  So it is, too, with spiritual intention and energy.  When we intend something with a spiritual goal or purpose, our intention liberates energy that begins to flow in a particular direction in accordance with our will, and if our intention is strong and there are no interfering obstacles, the energy current formed is clear and strong. 


Much of spiritual life and the progress we make in our individual and collective growth occurs through this principle of intention activating energy to create movement forward.  With respect to waiting as a 'force' for moving things forward, to the mind and ego the idea is counter-intuitive, since waiting appears to be the opposite of acting or doing, and since it often feels to our mental, emotional, and physical self that it is uncomfortable, as we generally do not know when the forward movement will be visible.  Nevertheless, waiting, when undertaken with Divine purposes in mind, that is, when such waiting brings us into accord with Divine will, activates an energy force in a similar way to the action of pushing a weight forward through our intention combined with energy.


The energy-force that is activated through waiting, however, is not only invisible, but is not ordinarily available to our conscious self.  It is an aspect of soul-consciousness that we bring into being in fulfillment of our soul's purpose for being on the Earth, and in fulfillment of God's purposes for us.  Waiting, with the intention of participating in this higher purpose, activates the force produced by faithfulness - the bringing into accord our own will with Divine will in order to achieve the purpose of Divine manifestation.  Such accord is the essence of the Covenant that souls entered with the divine Source of life before undertaking their Earth journey.  This Covenant is brought forward when human will is joined to Divine will, and the ego self which holds its personal interests as primary, submits to universal Will which holds the interests of All as primary.  Divine will which seeks to serve the interests of all and our ego-driven will are not in opposition, though they may often feel that way.  When love and trust allow us, through waiting, to submit our personal interest in achieving a goal to the timing, purpose, and method that Divine interest has in mind, we activate the force of the Covenant which brings Divine blessings and light to the Earth.


Light is the Divine force through which Divine will manifests.  It is not separate from love, nor is it separate from grace or from breath.  Rather, it combines all three and creates the manifestation of God's purposes upon the Earth for all beings.  Waiting, in service to the Divine, moves these purposes forward through allowing the 'light of faithfulness,' established in waiting, to become embodied within us, and to move through us, affecting life around us and the Earth itself.


That this idea seems counter-intuitive is understandable, given our collective human orientation toward mastery, especially of the physical world but also over our own emotions and mental life.  We have, for a very long time, been oriented toward 'doing.'  And so waiting, as opposed to 'doing,' may appear to be accomplishing nothing.  Yet it is, from the standpoint of the Divine and the purposes of the soul, accomplishing the great good of allowing the Divine force of light to be anchored into the physical plane, transforming the Earth, our own bodies, and all other life-forms invisibly and incrementally.


We do not need to seek the discomfort of waiting, for our history as physical beings has, for most of us, made this a difficult experience.  But at times when it becomes necessary and for whatever period of time it becomes necessary, it is important to hold it as a force for good, a force that anchors the Covenant of the soul's relationship with God upon the Earth, and liberates a force of light which will enhance the development of life on Earth as a whole. 


This larger effect may seem disproportionate to us and hard to believe since we still generally think of ourselves as discrete individuals, solitary in our separate lives.  Yet, the deeper truth is that we are part of one body and one energy field, and so what we bring through our own embodiment is transmitted to the larger whole of which we are a part.  Each individual is such a transmitter, and the forces that we embody can become our gifts to the world or our liabilities.


May all who wait know this, that within the experience of waiting and not 'doing' a great good is being achieved, the good of transforming the energy body of the Earth through bringing the light of faithfulness, the light of the Covenant, into the physical plane, where it may shine and enlighten the life of the Earth itself.



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