Mandala of the Soul

The unity of all in the One.



Julie of Light Omega

Dear Beloved Ones, when we begin to think of reality as multidimensional rather than  being confined to the dimension of time and space, we can become aware of the differences between dimensions in terms of the consciousness that each holds and in terms of the vibration that corresponds to that consciousness.  From this vantage point, we can understand that the qualities of consciousness that correspond to the Intelligence(s) of the highest dimensions would not necessarily be the same as that which correspond to the lower or more dense dimensions that contain relatively less spiritual light.   As we rise in our capacity to hold spiritual light, we also rise in our capacity to connect with and attune to the vibration of the higher dimensions.


With this in mind, it is important to understand that although the Divine One is One, unified, complete, eternal, and self-existent, with nothing outside it or beyond it, there are dimensions within which this is not perceived to be the case, dimensions in which beings perceive themselves to be separate from the Divine and do not acknowledge its reality.  When this is present in the extreme, we have the phenomenon we call 'darkness.'


Within our own time-space dimension, that which gives us the capacity to also reject the Divine and to perceive something different within our embodied state is a combination of two things: the illusion of solidity of the physical world and the way in which this has affected our perception of reality, and the presence of forces of darkness which influence our minds and thereby influence our view of reality as well.


Within the physical world, it appears to our brains and to our physical senses that objects are separate from each other and that we are separate from the things around us, being bounded by our own skin.  This is the long-term effect of having lived with the view of physical reality as solid and as all there is. While we experienced the messages of our physical senses as the sole arbiters of truth, our consciousness was not able to feel or see beyond this, largely because our spiritual perceptions were affected by forces from other dimensions as well as from this one that would keep our consciousness confined to this plane.


Nevertheless, and even in the presence of such forces, trust in the Divine has remained as a possibility because it emanates from our souls as a natural occurrence, not from our minds. Those souls who inhabit the Earth who trust the goodness of God and who aspire to trust all unfolding events do well to trust this unfoldment of life, for the Divine can and does turn all things toward the good so that even the most painful occurrences will ultimately have a positive outcome that benefits both the soul experiencing it and life itself.  And so we can affirm our trust in the deepest possible way, both related to the goodness of the Good that is God, and to the ultimate outcome of even horrific experiences.


Yet, even while trusting this goodness and this outcome, we can at the same time acknowledge counter-forces that are part of Creation, not beyond Creation, not outside of God, that give human beings the choice about what to believe. These are the forces of other dimensions of darkness that came into existence in the very beginning as things began to separate out of the primordial Unity and what was One multiplied into its various aspects.    


Beloved Ones, it was the very act of Creation that allowed one thing to become separated from another, one body, one object, one idea, one energy, in an event which did not change the underlying unity of All, but gave to it different forms and aspects that lived within it. The separated energy which perceives itself to be outside of the Divine and that seeks to infuse this reality into others is what we call 'darkness.'


On the highest planes of Divine reality, darkness that is the force of separation has no potency, for the union of all in All is more complete.  However, on the lower vibrational planes including that in which we live, darkness as the perception of separated consciousness can achieve far greater reality because the sense of unity within the Oneness of all has already diminished due to the increase in density on this plane and to the illusion of separateness that physical reality has given rise to.


It is with this picture in mind that we can say then, that trust in the Divine Oneness and in the strength of light to turn all effects of darkness to good is still true and valid within all dimensions of reality.  Nevertheless, we can also say that on this plane of separated objects, on this plane of duality, the reality portrayed by darkness has more of an impact on human consciousness which already exists in a state of semi-separation.  Our souls are not affected by the power of darkness, for they are part of the eternal and are unchangeable.  Yet, our embodied self can succumb to its influence and can act from this belief, causing great distress in the world as love diminishes and motivations that are the opposite of love become stronger.


It is for this reason that we must be both trusting and wise, knowing ourselves to be held within the safety of Divine love, light, and truth, yet needing to also know how to operate within the plane of duality so that our actions and decisions are not influenced by the consciousness of separation/aloneness, but by the consciousness of love and unity.


Such beliefs cannot be held simply in an ordinary way at this time, though they will be later on when multidimensional reality becomes a fact accepted by the many rather than an understanding accepted by just a few.  For now, what is important is to trust the presence of our own deeper Self which is our unchangeable soul essence, while seeking to bring our embodied awareness into alignment with that deeper Self so that the influence of separation and of attitudes that are opposite to love do not hold sway within us.  When we can do that and to the extent that we can do that, we align ourselves with all forces of light in the Universe and become more greatly empowered to serve the light in the time and place that our life and our heart has brought us to.  We become servants of the light, and wayshowers for those who have lost the way of contacting the light within them.



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