Light brings all things into greater wholeness

Julie of Light Omega

1. May light enfold you and those you love. May the power of light reach through all dark and separated places and return them home. This is the first principle of light, that it is a force of the Divine that activates healing to bring all that it touches into wholeness.

2. God's divine Light lives within you as your own deepest self, containing the eternal qualities of wholeness, purity, wisdom, and love. This never changes and never diminishes, no matter how covered over it may be. This is the second principle of light.

3.  To contact the light within you, remove what stands in the way and allow it to pass through your consciousness. This is not done through an act of will, but through the action of holy light that creates 'releasing' of the formerly unmovable. This is the third principle of light.

4.  You are not your thoughts and you are not your emotions. They are what you 'carry' but are not you. At the same time, they are teaching you through their presence, and need to be held in the light of awareness before being let go of. This is the fourth principle of light.

5. 'Containment' involves feeling emotions without acting them out and without identifying with them. For this to happen, they must be held in the awareness of light or with a prayer that they be returned to the light. 'Containment' permits the giving of emotions to God. This is the fifth principle of light.

6. In order to change negative emotions into positive, light-filled ones, one must bring them to the Source of light. This involves three things:

First, the belief that it is possible to make such a change.

Second, the willingness to let go of the emotion in question.

Third, access to light through prayer and alignment with the Source of light.

This is the sixth principle of light.


7. In order to 'contain' unwanted negative energies and to bring them to the light of awareness which is God's light, it is necessary to surrender. Surrender involves the absence of entitlement to feel a particular way, and a willingness to place these emotions in God's hands. "Thy will be done" is then applied to the emotions themselves. This is the seventh principle of light.

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