Mandala of the Soul

Awareness offers choice;

Choice offers the way of return.



Julie of Light Omega

At times when the mind becomes overactive, stimulated by internal or external energies that create repetitive unwanted thoughts, it becomes most important to find one’s way to the heart.  This shift can help in moments of feeling lost, confused, or overtaken by worry or fear, when it is important to become centered again.


How does one find the heart?


Sometimes there is a palpable sense of warmth, radiance, or light, whose emanations can let one know that it is active and alive.  Recognizing this location, one may breathe into the heart slowly and deeply, allowing it to be nourished and enlivened.


At other times, when the heart-energy is more difficult to feel directly, the heart can be located through connecting with what one most deeply loves – a person, place, thought, ideal, etc.  Anchoring in the feeling of what one loves, dispels darkness and opens the door to greater light and hope.


At still other times, the answer to the question: “What is the deepest truth that I hold?” will lead to the re-discovery of that which is valued the most, and therefore to one’s heart.  Locating the deepest truth is a spiritual practice as well as a way of dealing with an overactive mind.  One’s deepest truth is a link to the soul and its purpose; it is a link to one’s God-self; and it is a link to the center of one’s being that can hold firm in the face of emotional or mental storms.


I am a child of God,

God loves me,

I am here to help the Earth…


are examples of identity statements that can provide spiritual anchors at times of distress.  Connecting to such truths or similar ones and repeating them as affirmations can light the way through chaos or doubt in the mind, through spiritual confusion, and through the painful ambivalence that often characterizes states of anxiety or fear.  Centering in the place of deepest truth anchors a person in their core identity and allows a breath of Divine air to permeate whatever else is going on within the body or mind.


The deepest layers of the heart are connected to both the source of inner truth and to the soul.  They are connected to one’s inner being.  Though emotional states that are difficult or painful can also reside in the heart, these do not live at the deepest level.  At the deepest level one finds love – the pure goodness that is part of one’s eternal being.    Connecting with this love can help refocus a distressed state of mind.  It can create a foundation upon which to stand. Such connection may then become a way of life, holding the truth of one’s being in the presence of blessing and in the presence of adversity.


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