Mandala of Harmony and Balance

Divine Justice - The return to wholeness


'Karma' is the means by which evolution continues to move toward wholeness, the means by which individuals, groups, nations, and worlds are guided toward greater self-expression of the divinity within.



Julie of Light Omega

The universe is a whole, emerging from the Source, manifesting the intentionality of the Creator and of Creation to bring diversity out of the original Unity of the One holy Being, and to return it, more complete, to that Oneness.

All who are alive as an individual expression of the Unmanifest, have been given life in order to participate in the great plan for Creation, the plan which would extend the Unmanifest into the manifest, the One into the many.


This plan is unassailable, operating through time and space in an irrevocable way.  It is the force behind all evolution – spiritual, physical, emotional, mental – the force that brings all things into greater wholeness through the return to their essential being and origin. 


As a result of this divine Intention infused throughout Creation, all beings of every kind move toward greater expression of the Divine life within them.  However slowly this may occur over aeons of time as perceived from the standpoint of those within time, all beings exist in order to manifest the truth of their Divine being, the truth that forms the basis of their existence.  When that happens, the diversity of all becomes the Unity of all, for that which is within and is the origin of one's own being is One.  In this way, Unity becomes Diversity, and Diversity returns to Unity.


It is the plan for Creation which brings all things into greater wholeness that is the source of Divine Justice.  For Unity still exists within all diverse forms of life and expression.  The Unity of one's origin is the deepest layer of individual being.  Thus, if one departs from alignment with that Unity, departs from the Divine principle within, the essential movement of life operating within time and space is to bring that being who exists in diversity back into the Unity that is the deeper truth and core.  To do this, the mechanism of what we call 'karma' becomes the means by which this happens.  However, 'karma' is a broader movement than that which is ordinarily perceived.  It is the means by which evolution continues to move toward wholeness, the means by which individuals, groups, nations, and worlds are guided toward greater self-expression of the divinity within.


When an individual being departs from the principle inherent in the unmanifested divine Unity, departs from Love, departs from Truth, departs from Oneness, the wholeness that is life moves to configure itself so that this individual, group, or nation, is brought back to their true nature, their true being.  'Karma' is the extension of the principle of Divine Justice, and Divine Justice is an aspect of the purpose of Creation, which is to bring diversity out of the original Unity, and to return that diversity which extends through infinite universes back to Unity.  All movements that run counter to this that are undertaken through individual action, group action, or the action of nations, are brought back to their inner truth and purpose through what we call the 'principle of cause and effect' which is the principle of 'karma.'  This principle creates what we may call the 'movement of life' to return that which has departed from the truth of wholeness back to it.  Thus, events, both inner and outer, both physical, mental, and emotional, configure themselves to create a revision of consciousness so that it is reoriented toward truth and toward love.


That this may cause pain or painful outcomes is not the intention of Creator or Creation.  It is not the intent of Love to cause pain.  However, in proportion as individual will has departed from the will of the original Oneness, that individual will has created its own pain, the pain of separation and all that this brings. It is the purpose of Love to reunite and to remove separation from inner truth - to manifest events which return consciousness to the place of realignment.  This is the meaning of Divine Justice.  It is the return of consciousness from its faulty or misguided movement away from Love and from the original intent of its own being, of its own existence, back to that essence and point of origin. When that happens and to the extent that that happens, Love prevails within individual consciousness, and the reunification of all within All is achieved.



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