Earth expanding in light

Earth and her inhabitants expanding in light.

The higher and the lower joined.


Julie of Light Omega

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We come before you into the vastness of the unmanifested light,

     giving thanks for the act of perpetual Creation that is forever

     bringing forth life from light,

And ask that you bless the Earth during this time of change

     so that what has been dead and lifeless may spring forth into new life,

     and what has felt separate and alone may be joined to the Oneness of all.


Blessed, Divine Oneness, fill the Earth with your goodness which can

   eradicate all that seeks to oppose love,

And give to your beloveds the purity of heart that can hold fast

     to trust during the time of turbulence that lies ahead.

As light has given birth to life in the beginning,

     so, now, may life give birth to light as the Earth's sacred body

     becomes transformed into a radiant star of Your creation.


May all who inhabit the Earth, now, be upheld by the light within them,

     so that strong in virtue, and confident in heart,

     they may share the divine Oneness that is Your holy being.

May the truth of this new day dawn within every heart,

     so that firm in vision, and steady in love,

     each soul may bring to the Earth the sacred Breath

     of your holy life.



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