Mandala of the Soul

Awareness offers choice;

Choice offers the way of return.



Julie of Light Omega

Energies of negation cast doubt upon one’s most deeply held truths.  They seek to disrupt these truths to make them seem like slimly held beliefs, when they are in fact the foundation upon which one’s life and values are built.  Energies of negation are based on the premise that only what is visible is real, that one’s mind can determine what is real, and that what is invisible is subject to doubt.  This is the heart and cornerstone upon which duality is built, and its premise is that there is a space of non–relatedness between subject and object and that oneself is separate from all else.


Energies of negation can cast doubt on the understanding and knowing and even on the experience that God is real.  The experience, not emanating from the mind, but from the heart and from the spiritual senses, can be undermined by efforts of such energies to dismantle the credibility of spiritual senses.  They seek to discredit these and to apply only the system of rational belief based on proof to the whole area of human experience.  In this way, they seek to keep human consciousness within a closed circle of perception in which only what is visible and provable is perceived to be real, and all that falls outside of that is deemed to be unreal or at least to be severely in doubt.  In this way has the interpretation of human experience moved from immersion in the sacred to a deterioration of sacred values and perceptions which has reduced human perception to but a fraction of what it could be.


Energies of negation, however, can be negated and bypassed in safety when one’s heart is firmly planted in the truth of one’s being, and when the heart’s truths are felt to be real.  Then, the efforts to make the mind the sole arbiter of truth must ultimately fail since the heart’s truths are based on the beingness of the soul and what it knows, not on the beliefs of the mind.  It is for this reason that the heart’s truths must be paid attention to at all times, especially at times of doubt and confusion, since these are unassailable by energies of negation.  They exist in a sphere which is illumined by the light of the soul and cannot be disturbed by energies of negation.


Energies of negation can and have ‘proven’ to those susceptible to such proofs that God is not real, even when the deepest heart knows that such proofs are false.  Nevertheless, they can operate powerfully to take one away from the deeper knowings of the heart that are the foundation of life.


All such energies are being dismantled now in a process of dispersion.  They are being dismantled and they are being removed from their influence in the sphere of human consciousness.  They are being returned to the light and they are being replaced by the clear light of soul truth.  In this way, the process of dispersion is reclaiming human consciousness back to its sacred origins and removing those energies that have cast doubt on the validity of the sacred.



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