Mandala of the Soul

Awareness offers choice;

Choice offers the way of return.



Julie of Light Omega

There are times now when energies that are purifying within the embodied self and energies that are external to that self create chaos, confusion, and agitation in the mind.  The mind can become overactive, with one or several thoughts repeating themselves over and over again, or with thoughts of fear or dread crowding out a sense of peace and trust.  At such times it is important to know how to surrender the mind to God. 


An affirmation which states:

“My mind belongs to God.  My thoughts belong to God”


can, in the presence of willing surrender, clear the mind of unwanted thoughts and allow light to enter what was formerly in turmoil.  Allowing God to take charge of one’s mind involves willingly letting go of all unwanted thoughts in exchange for an empty space of not-knowing.  There must be a willingness to let go in order for this to happen, a willingness to actually let only God’s thoughts, the thoughts of light, remain within the mind.  Then, and only then, can the transition to peace and tranquility take place without the turbulence of disturbing energies.


If such surrender is present, the mind can become a vessel of peace, one in which God’s thoughts can progressively replace the thoughts of negative energies.  This crossing can be made by anyone who seeks to join with the oneness of truth and light and who seeks to release claim on their own thought process. 


In addition, knowing that the heart is secure, that the thoughts and values that are important to life and to the self remain in the heart, allows the embodied self to know that by creating an empty space, one is not giving up anything that is essential.  Rather, what is being given up are false ideas, ideas generated by negative energies.  What is being gained in their stead are the ideas of light and of the deeper sense of truth that emanates from the soul and resides within the heart.


All beings have the capacity to release control and to give their minds to God.  It is not something that has to be learned.  It is innate to the soul that lives and breathes within the One.  What has to be released is the belief that one has to think through something.  What also has to be released is the belief that fear that is being created within the mind is real.  When such is the case and to the extent that such is the case, then the mind can become a place of peace, and fear can dissolve.


All of this is of great importance today when unwanted energies opposed to light are seeking to gain greater control over the mental process that governs both the lives of individuals and the lives of broader communities.  Such a time requires that those who are attuned to light learn how to remain within it, allowing themselves to return to it when thoughts, feelings, or energies pull them away.


“My mind belongs to God.  My thoughts belong to God.  Let only thoughts of light remain.”

This can be a mantra for moments of difficulty that will impart a sense of peace to the troubled mind, and will gradually enable a more secure anchoring in thoughts of truth and light.



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