Divine timing - bringing the blessings of

the divine Heart to all.

Julie of Light Omega

Beloved Ones, there are many things in life that one wishes could happen sooner, that happen a shorter or longer period after the hoped for time.  Instrumental in this delay is God’s timing which orchestrates the perfect coordination of all factors that make for the smoothest unfoldment, not just of the wished for outcome, but of how that outcome will relate to all other Divine outcomes.


God’s timing reveals perfection – the perfect unfoldment of the maximum forward movement of healing, expansion, love, relationship, financial stability, etc. - all areas of human experience and spiritual experience in which waiting may be necessary.  Yet, the task of learning to wait is a complex one for most embodied souls, for it involves a depth of trust in the reality of Divine perfection and Divine love which assures that the best possible outcome will occur if one does not rush things or take things into one’s own hands prematurely, but waits for Divine will to manifest.


The pain that this may cause is the hardship of waiting.  It is a hardship both because fear and doubt may continue to play a role during the time of waiting, and because there may be external factors that create additional difficulty during this period of time.  All suffering in relation to waiting, however, is also part of the overall forward movement.  The human heart may not know this, but the wisdom of the soul does, for the soul has chosen to learn from these times of challenge and difficulty, and what it learns is often as important as the outcome that is waited for.


Cooperation with Divine timing can result from immersing oneself in prayer, from listening to inner guidance, and from recognizing the deepest levels of one’s own heart.  All of these guide the way toward the choice between action and non-action, creating a feeling of rightness about the direction to take.


Divine intention wishes to bless life through the creation of harmony, not pain, and to bring abundant blessings to all.  Yet, humanity has traveled far in its degree of separation from Divine consciousness, and as a result, instead of learning through alignment and direct guidance, mankind has needed to learn through pain and hardship as well.


This course of learning is about to change, however, for the new alignment of the Earth within the Divine matrix will bring to each soul the reality of the Divine in which they live, move, and have their being, and consequently, the need to learn through suffering will end as other Divine and sacred pathways open.


For this time of transition, however, it is important to know that all unfoldment is securely held in the loving awareness of Divine Intelligence which guides the life of the Earth, the stars, and also guides individual lives.  Yet, human beings have a choice as to how fully and with what degree of trust they participate in this Divine unfoldment.  For those who choose to allow their lives to be governed in this way, the key elements of trust and surrender become deepened within one’s consciousness.  Such trust is given to the inner knowing of the greatness of God’s love which seeks the path of greatest fulfillment for each individual life.  As a result of this Divine commitment, waiting for a particular outcome will not be wasted, it will not be for naught, but will, instead, bring about the fulfillment of a soul’s Divine purpose in a way that brings the greatest blessing to that life.  Such is the purpose and overall guiding principle of Divine timing, that is, to bring the blessings of the Divine heart to all, that all may receive the blessings of love.


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