I have sent my Presence  

Breath of Divine Life






to be with you...                                     


Julie of Light Omega

Beloved Ones,

The holy Breath of God emerges from the Oneness which it is part of and from which it came.  It emerges and it enters into the corporeal substance of all things in order to enliven them and in order to bring them back to unity with the One.  No solid matter is too hard or opaque to be impermeable to the holy Breath, for its essence is transformative.  It transforms the inner structure of what may seem solid and opaque to one of porousness and permeability to Divine life.  This Divine life is more powerful than the forces that might choose to resist it.  It is more powerful than the forces that live in fear of it, created by illusion.


Such is the nature of the holy Breath that it seeks to unify all beings, all of Creation, within the Oneness that is All.  It is brought forth by the Christ in manifestation and signals to each living being of its Presence through the action it performs of quickening, awakening, and transforming.


There are those who would deny that the miraculous is real or that the potency of the holy Breath can overcome all obstacles, no matter what their size.  This perspective is based on an overestimation of the potency and pervasiveness of physical reality which, for some, is all there is.  It is also based on an underestimation of the forces which have created that physical reality, which precede it in a causal way as the sun precedes the rays that emanate from it.


Almighty God has decreed that the holy Breath shall be given to the Earth to transform it at a particular moment in time – at a time when the transformation of the great Return will be aided and supported by the holy Breath, at which time all bodies will be more capable of supporting its presence within their physical structure.  This time is now, and all of physical reality, no matter what form it takes, is being made more permeable by the Divine life which is now present on the Earth and which now has the potential for transforming the life of the Earth as it is presently constituted.


May the holy Breath of God transform and bless all that seeks a return to the Oneness and all that lives within that Oneness without knowing it.  Such a perspective transcends belief, concept, religion, or mental attitude.  It is built on the foundation of existence itself which is the Divine life existing at the core of every living being.  May this Divine life become activated in the time ahead, uniquely awakening each created being to the holy Essence that lives within them.



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