The Earth expanding in light

The Earth expanding in light

Individual Purification - How to Recognize Its Presence

Julie of Light Omega

Purification is a process that takes place on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.  It represents the means through which each embodied soul can recognize and return to the divinity that lies at their core.  The process is initiated and maintained by spiritual light, and by the efforts of those who choose to align with the divine Oneness that exists within all.


Though each individual process of purification is absolutely unique and unfolds in its own way, there are certain common pathways and indications that can be observed in many individuals.  As the light of God brings forth healing and transformation, certain common aspects of the purification process are revealed.  In reviewing this list, it is to be rememered that one's own sacred process is unique, held in the wisdom of divine Intelligence for each soul, and so there may be some aspect of purification occurring that is not listed here which must be validated in its own terms.


Recognizing the process:


1) the presence of intense feelings, often of a negative quality, that arise suddenly and without warning, sometimes without any apparent external cause


2) new physical symptoms that have no explanation or cause that can take on the appearance of a medical condition but are based on unique energetic changes


3) increasing sensitivity to people and environments and the energies emitted from these


4) a significant change in outer life conditions which requires an adaptation to the new and a letting go of the old


5) the arising of old emotional issues that one thought were healed and let go of, needing to be dealt with on deeper levels


6) greater access to inner guidance than was present before, creating a sense of being 'led' or a sense of 'rightness' in relation to certain decisions


7) a growing hunger to make more sense of life, to pursue a direction that has 'purpose'


8) light-headedness, dizziness, or ungroundedness, or, the direct experience of light-energy itself


9) a sense of inner turbulence or upheaval that can be present without knowing why, as if much was happening inside


10) an alteration in one's sense of values or priorities so that what seemed desireable or attractive before is no longer so.  For example, a change in eating habits or food preferences that conform to the changing needs of the body.


Purification is both individual and global.  Though it is an inner process, its effects can be seen in outer life as well, especially in the area of relationships - between people, within communities, among nations, and in relation to the Earth itself.  It is not a process based on one religious or spiritual orientation, but rather belongs to all spiritual orientations.   The purification process is the pathway through which each human being returns to an intimate experience of relationship with God.



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