Mandala of the Soul

The unity of all in the One.


The Language of Feeling - Anchoring in the Soul

Julie of Light Omega

We have come to a time when our inherited vocabulary concerning sensation and perception is no longer adequate to our collective needs.  This time, defined by new energies of both light and darkness that increasingly affect our bodies and minds, requires of us a refinement of words such as ‘feeling’ or ‘knowing.’  Feelings, as we have understood them, commonly refer to emotions such as anger, sadness, joy, fear, etc.  However, in the presence of greater light, feelings are no longer limited to the human range of perception, but must include spiritual perceptions that go beyond the ordinary and beyond the human.  To ‘feel light,’ for example, is not a statement of emotion, but a statement of the awareness of spiritual energy that can affect individuals in different ways.  To ‘feel light’ can affect the perception of our breathing so that it feels more relaxed; it can affect our thoughts so that they become more peaceful and uplifted; it can affect our perception of what is around us so that we feel a ‘tingling’ sensation on the skin. It can also refer to a feeling of Divine Presence or of holiness for which we have few if any words.


Similarly, to ‘feel’ darkness which is the energy of opposition to light, can be perceived as heaviness, oppression,  sickness within the cells of our body, numbness, withdrawal, etc.  In particular, in relation to energies that are oppositional to light, their effect can be to reduce our perception of feeling to a great degree, creating a separation between an event and our emotional ’ response to it. This energy has, as one of its ‘signatures,’ the suppression of positive emotions and of positive truths that may have guided our life, introducing, in their place, doubt, uncertainty, and a sense of emptiness.


When we cannot locate our 'feeling' for the positive truths that have guided us, does this mean that feeling is not there?


It does not.  If we selectively interpret ‘feeling’ to refer to the level of emotion, we may find that the time that we are in which has brought forward energies of darkness to be healed may simultaneously cause us to doubt the truths we once knew to be most real. At this time, we need to extend our view of where feelings may be located in order to remain centered and aligned with our deeper selves.


To do this, it is necessary to shift to the soul level of perception.


Each of us is a soul, coming from the same Source which is One.  As a soul, we possess within our deepest self, feelings that relate to the state of unity in love that our soul knows as oneness within the co-existent universe.  On the human level of perception, while doubt and uncertainty may prevail for a time, the soul remains unencumbered by such doubts and such energies of darkness, and retains a knowing of truth and a feeling of joy or love, even while doubt on the mental and emotional level remains.  When such is the case, we often say that we ‘know’ something to be true and real, but cannot ‘feel’ it.  Such knowing in a time of darkness is our spiritual anchor, for the spiritual knowledge of the soul is always present within us, and we can learn to seek it and to rely on it when feelings in the ordinary sense are difficult to access.


Let us move forward, then, toward a redefinition of ‘feeling’ that includes not only the human range of emotion, but the soul’s range of emotion which arises from the truth that it carries of its own Divine essence.  Here, we can feel and know that we are loved, that we are safe, that we exist in unity with all that is, and that we are connected at all times to our purpose in life.  Holding this understanding can help us when feelings of hope and trust on the emotional level may be obscured, while feelings of confidence and assurance on the soul level remain.



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