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Every soul takes embodiment in order to learn about love and how to love better. For this learning to take place, different types of relationships evolve for the purpose of creating a better understanding of what love is and what it is not. 

For a period of time, and not necessarily within every lifetime, same-sex relationships may serve as more effective teachers concerning the deepening understanding of love. The subject of same-sex relationships has become controversial in many places today, in part because the understanding of multiple life-times engaged in for the purpose of the soul's learning is a concept not yet accepted.  If it were, we would never judge anyone by their present body type, gender, or sexual orientation, for we would know that each one in this particular embodiment has been many other things in many other embodiments.  Men have been women, women have been men, and many choices have been made over time that are different from the ones being made today.

Because this is not common knowledge, much pain and confusion still accrue to the subject of sexual orientation, singling this out over the many other choices that souls make that may also be for differentness from the common norm.

The same-sex relationship, for some, allows learning about love to take place with greater ease than would occur within a heterosexual union. This is not to say that it is the direction of spiritual evolution, however, for over time, souls will evolve out of this form into one that corresponds to the universal polarity defining the relationship between male and female energies within all dimensions of reality, including the physical. 

These polarized male-female energies are parts of Creation, expressed as the duality between male and female, yin and yang - parts of a unified whole.  As polarized energies they are meant to join with each other to create wholeness within individuals, within couples, and even within the structure of societies. This does not mean that heterosexual couples are more evolved, though, or have a spiritual advantage over same-sex couples.  For all are learning on their own unique paths, and heterosexuality does not necessarily define a more 'advanced' state.  However, it does mean that the form of male-female interaction that is in resonance with the higher prototype will ultimately be that of a male-female joining that incorporates the physical polarity. 

The same-sex relationship within a given lifetime is a choice made by the soul to promote its own learning. The choice for a heterosexual relationship serves the same purpose. Both are choices made for a single lifetime only.  For this reason, we cannot know or judge anything about the spiritual life of a soul based on a feature such as  sexual partnership, for the deeper truth is that all are seeking to learn more about life and love, and in doing so, seek the best avenues that are possible.

The controversy that has arisen around the issue of same-sex relationships is based on a lack of understanding of the choices of the soul in relation to learning and to the experience of other lifetimes.  It is also based on an incorrect picture of what 'family-values' truly mean. For the essential ingredient of a family is the bond between family members that corresponds to a lifelong commitment and to a partnership in which children can be raised and flourish. Both heterosexual and same-sex relationships can give rise to families with values that promote love and enhance growth, and both can be destructive to the same.

While the advantages or disadvantages of not having a sexually polarized relationship on the physical level cannot be known except in individual instances, what is most important is to allow for the possibility that the apparent disadvantages of not having such a relationship may be outweighed by the advantages of having loving partners and loving parents who bring the best of themselves both to the relationship and to any children that are part of it. This willingness to not know and to leave to Divine judgment the decision concerning what constitutes a sacred life, is the gift of a free society to its members, and must be cherished as one of the primary gifts of a society that values the sacred.


(Article excerpt from the Calendar of Light)



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