Mandala of the Soul

Burst into singing all ye lands,

for the time of awakening is here.


Julie of Light Omega

Beloved Ones,

For most embodied souls, it takes some time before life can become unified within a sacred whole.  Ordinarily, there are places of resistance during one’s daily life in which habits of fear and self-protection take over and one may forget that it is possible to love, to trust, or to remember that God is holding all. 


Places of fear often create the perceived need to take control to ensure security through establishing mechanisms of self-protection.  With greater awareness, however, these responses to fear become more noticeable and it becomes more possible to create a space around the fear without acting impulsively in order to dispel it.  The more one experiences the reality of the Divine, the less likely is it for the embodied self to believe in the supremacy of fear or in the reality of aloneness. 


Learning to live in sacred reality involves orienting toward God at all times.  Such orienting is like breathing.  It becomes natural, intrinsic to one’s moment to moment experience, dependable, and not something one has to think about in order to come back to.  This, however, is not the way it often is during the long trajectory of learning and healing that takes place for most souls as they let go of separation and reclaim their Divine heritage.  For most, there is a period of leaving sacred reality, then returning to it, then leaving again, then returning, and this back and forth motion becomes a teacher for the self seeking greater awareness.  The very movements back and forth teach greater constancy over time.  Although such departures may cause distress and because they cause distress, awareness grows concerning how to remain more faithful, how to remain more steady.


Mixed into this learning is the growing understanding regarding forgiveness, for self-forgiveness is essential while the awareness wavers, and while departures into lower-self identification continues.  Self-forgiveness is an essential part of learning in all areas, including the spiritual, for one cannot know something before it is known or learned, and many subtle and complex spiritual developments take time to master, incorporate, and make one’s own.


A sacred life develops out of one’s desire to lead such a life, and for each embodied soul, the image of what such a life might be or bring differs according to the uniqueness of each soul and its purpose.  For one, it may be a life of greater quiet and immersion in periods of meditation.  For another, it may be a life in attunement with nature, where involvement with the life of the Earth is the keynote of what one holds to be most sacred.  For still others, it is the relationship to the cosmic plans of the Divine Creator and one’s association with and participation in these plans.  Each soul is uniquely fulfilling its own soul purpose and will find its own interpretation of what sacred reality feels like and is.


In the meantime, and for all time, the sacredness of life is manifesting all around oneself, waiting to be perceived.  It does not require being in special circumstances.  The ordinary has become the sacred.  The personal has become the universal.  The very mundane tasks of daily life can now be infused with the presence of the Divine because God’s light and life has entered the realm of the physical to such a degree.


May all of life be blessed by this understanding.  May all of life learn to live in sacredness.


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