Mandala of the Soul

Burst into singing all ye lands,

for the time of awakening is here.


Julie of Light Omega

It sometimes happens that in order for a new identity to emerge, not only inner changes must take place, but outer structures in one’s life may also need to be let go of.  Such letting go may include relationships, work, financial security, even the place in which one lives.   This kind of upheaval may seem random or unnecessary and may appear to have only negative consequences. Yet, a higher intelligence exists within the life plan for each soul which safeguards the forward movement of that plan, even in the presence of adversity, and even in the presence of pain or loss.  Such intelligence contains the understanding that what has been lost or let go of will be replaced by a new set of circumstances that the soul is waiting for, hoping for, circumstances that bring greater growth to the embodied self and that only letting go can bring into being.


Upheavals and losses within life can take an emotional toll, both inwardly and outwardly.  They can cause one to feel helpless and afraid.  They can cause one to fear an unknown future. It is at just such times that trust in the overriding intelligence of the Divine blueprint for each soul must be maintained, for there are no accidents within spiritual reality.  There is no time in which God is absent.  What appears to have only dire consequences on one level is bringing about a greater good on another, even though the human self may experience the loss as painful.


The need to let go of the familiar structures or relationships around which one has built a life is not uncommon today, for this is the time of purification and transformation, and all souls are being led toward the path of change that is most conducive to their growth.  In the midst of this mighty movement, the human heart that does not fully trust may suffer greatly and wonder why it must experience such pain in order to grow.  In the face of this, it is the steadiness of the soul and one’s connection with that deeper part of oneself that allows one to move with greater ease and confidence through all turbulence that may come.  It is like riding a wave with no land in sight, trusting that it will carry you to a safe shore.


There are many, today, who have lost or left behind a great deal of what they once valued or relied on, some who have experienced this as only loss, and some who have been able to hold this as part of a transition into a different phase of life or a different way of being.  Often, what is most difficult is to let go of the old at a time when nothing of the new has yet appeared.  This can be very challenging to the human self.  The human self may feel suspended for an indefinite period between a past that has receded and a future that has not yet arrived.  It may feel cast adrift while waiting for new relationships to appear, for spiritual work to manifest, or for financial and emotional security to make itself felt.  During this time of waiting, one may feel unanchored and alone, wondering if there will be a positive outcome to all the letting go that has taken place.


Understanding the nature of spiritual reality and of one’s own reality as a divinely created being is of great importance in maintaining a positive outlook at such times.  Holding faith in Divine purpose requires confidence in one’s own soul that knows that God is real and that one is always held within that reality.  This is the basis for hope in the midst of change and for trust in the presence of the unknown.  For Divine sustenance flows into every path that is open to it.  Divine upliftment flows into every heart that asks for it, whether it is apparent or not.   In a time of change and letting go, such openness and trust must be pursued even when the outer self experiences little ability to feel these. Even then, knowledge that all of life is directed toward bringing about the gift of greater wholeness, greater love, and greater truth – such knowledge is sustaining.


May all whose losses have brought tears, be comforted.


May all whose hearts have feared an unknown future, find safety.

May all who have longed to feel held in God’s love, know that they are eternally loved.


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