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Letting Go*

Many have desired to let go of emotions, thoughts, situations, or relationships that were deemed to be undesirable, but found that the conscious intention was at odds with another invisible force within the self, the force of unconscious need and fear that desired to maintain the attachment.  This situation, which is very common, is often met with frustration and a giving up after a while, or by redoubled efforts to seek control in another direction through the use of will that substitutes one form of attachment for another.


In the end, one learns that truly letting go of something is not a matter of the will but of the heart.  The heart must feel that something else is more important than what is being held onto, and that something can only be felt as more important if it is loved.  Such love can be for the self, for another, for life, and most especially for God.  Those who let go of an undesirable but embedded need are most successful in doing so when the embedded need that creates the attachment is surrendered to the Divine, dismantling the wishes of the ego to remain in power.


All control can be given over to God, for God does not seek to diminish the freedom of any individual being, having given complete freedom of choice to all souls at the time of their Creation.  Rather, surrendering control to the Divine allows the Universe to return to the self the means for healing the need and fear that is creating the attachment.  Put differently, surrendering control to the Divine with open hands and an open heart allows God to bring to the embodied self exactly what is needed to erase from the heart all fear of not being in control.  Such is the mystery of surrender to the Divine, namely, that it brings more freedom to the self rather than less, and that it grants to the embodied soul benefits that cannot be imagined while the need for control is still paramount.


It is at this time in human history that humanity shall learn this lesson more deeply, both on an individual level and on a global one, and the rewards to be gained from such learning shall create the foundation for a new world.


As the flower lets go of its seeds,

As the air lets go of its moisture,

As the sun lets go of its warmth,

So, too, must the heart let go of    

all that it clings to out of fear,

for this is the way of Life.



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*Text of recording - "Letting Go" from "The Calendar of Light"


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