Mandala of Harmony and Balance

Earth and her inhabitants becoming light.

The higher and the lower joining.



Julie of Light Omega

It sometimes happens that alignment with light becomes shaky and difficult to maintain, and it is in such circumstances that the energy of darkness gains a foothold within consciousness to draw one even further away from light and God.  This movement can be perceived as a 'downward slide' into depression, hopelessness, separation, and a loss of the experience of Divine reality.  Its hallmarks are the following sequence:

discouragement>>>self-pity>>>isolation>>>abandonment>>>rejection of God's reality.

The 'downward slide' can be noticed once one has developed a sense of its presence, and once one determines to not allow the insidiousness of self-pity or the sense of isolation to take hold without accompanying awareness.

Discouragement as a feeling is clear.  Self-pity, less so.  For feelings often seem inevitable, and in the place of physical, emotional, or mental pain, it is often difficult to remember that there is another way that one could feel.  Nevertheless, feeling sorry for one's predicament or feeling that such emotions are inevitable can be part of the downward slide into loss of alignment with light. 

Abandonment follows next, with the sense that God no longer hears ones prayers or calling out, and that God's love cannot be felt or trusted.

Finally, there is the rejection of God's reality, sometimes as a totality as in a loss of faith, and sometimes in the internal experiential separation which no longer allows one to feel the reality of God, even though it may be remembered.

The determination to not permit the above sequence to take place can be an effective means to counter the pull away from light and Divine truth, and such determination can grow stronger the more one cultivates it and the more one seeks the way of return.



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