Mandala of the Soul

Awareness offers choice;

Choice offers the way of return.



Julie of Light Omega

This special section of articles was created to assist the ever growing number of embodied souls who are needing to learn about the balance of light and dark energies taking place on the Earth today, and about how to remain aligned with light. Such alignment is key in dealing with the consequences to both individuals, groups, and nations, of the Earth's transformation into a planet of great light and beauty.



What is Alignment?

   Practice of Alignment - Audio

   Practice of Alignment - Video

Loss of Alignment with Light

The Path of Return to Light

Anchoring in Love

Forgiveness and 'I Am'

The Point of Choice

Connecting with the Heart

Separating from Negative Emotions

The Sphere of Mirages (Illusions)

Energies of Negation

The Phenomenon of Repulsion

The Power of "Yes"

Foundational Truths

Dealing with Doubt

Giving One's Mind to God

False Guidance and True Guidance

Vibration of the Heart in a Time of Darkness

Words and Energy: Developing a Feeling for Truth

The Power of Deception

A New View of Multidimensional Reality


Article Section -  Purification

"Maintaining Alignment with Light"

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