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Harmony and Balance

Respect for the sacredness of life




Julie of Light Omega

The kingdom of God's creatures upon the earth is as varied as the stars in the sky and equally as beautiful.  For the diversity of God's creatures exists not only to provide food and sustenance for the earth's human inhabitants, but also to manifest the myriad aspects of Divine consciousness that are capable of expressing within each individual species and family.

Mankind has, for too long, seen the plant and animal kingdoms as here solely to serve his own purposes, and this has been yet another testimony to the departure from the sacred that has been so central to modern society's development.  However, this orientation  does not represent the truth, nor is it what is meant to be.

Right relationship between the human and animal kingdoms involves respect for the sacredness of life that exists both within individual animals and within the species from which they originate.  This respect acknowledges within each, aspects of consciousness that make them sensate creatures, even though their sensitivities are not of the same order as those of the human being.  All animals, in one way or another, share in this capacity for feeling. In addition, the very nature of animals is meant to reflect a particular facet of Divine and expressive life upon the planet, revealing, in each case, a unique feature in relation to every other plant or animal of the same or different species. 

It is time now, for man to recognize that animals, as well as humans, have an individualized evolutionary pattern which allows them to become increasingly conscious over time, with greater awareness of self and others.  This pattern of evolving awareness has been misunderstood or ignored, for the most part, by humanity, even though in individual cases, beloved pets and certain other animals have been acknowledged for their human-like qualities.  Nevertheless, as a whole, mankind has treated the animal kingdom as in-sensate beings, that is, beings incapable of feeling, and therefore has treated them unkindly and disrespectfully. 

As the light of inner being becomes illuminated today by the expansion of greater light upon the earth, it will become more possible to see the inner divinity of all of God's creatures, and it will become more possible to celebrate and to rejoice in this, even though it means that animals will be less available for human purposes.  Out of this arising knowledge of our oneness with the earth and with all of her inhabitants, will come a greater harmony with the realms of nature, and this sacred emergence will forever change our capacity to treat the earth indifferently or with cruelty. 

As fellow creatures on an evolutionary path, utmost respect will be given to animals – to their habits, sensitivities, life cycles, and to the needs of different species in relation to partnering, breeding, maintaining a family life, and moving over the earth in ways that are indigenous to particular species.  This patterning happens as part of the natural life cycle of individual animals and animal groups, and it will come to be seen by an awakened humanity that it can no longer be taken lightly.

Humanity has exhibited much harshness toward the animal kingdom, yet all of nature is ultimately forgiving when efforts at repair are instituted and a serious desire for healing begins to occur.  It is time, now, to begin this process of healing, and to listen and learn from those who already have knowledge of animal consciousness.  As we, as a collective humanity, evolve further, we will want to cooperate more with all beings everywhere, and as part of this, with the kingdom of nature whose bounty upon the earth has provided us with great beauty, and with the possibility for living a full, vastly rich, and healthy life.


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