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The following writing is part of Tenets for a New Democracy, given by the Realms of Light as foundational principles for governance of a future America.  Full description of the Tenets can be found at LightAmericaSpirit.org.

All violence is wrong, practiced upon the sacred body. But violence in the name of the One is more wrong since it adds thought to action that denies the very principle of existence itself which is love.

Violence in the name of the One is a tragedy and a betrayal, a tragedy for the human heart that has lost its way, and a betrayal of that which fuels and sustains the heart which is Divine love.

All who seek peace as an end who use violent means to acquire it shall not find peace but  a lull in the fighting that after a time gives way to more violence.

The heart that seeks peace must forgo the use of force to acquire it, for only the power of the gentle can secure a gentle outcome that lasts.

To become the 'enforcer' of the world through the use of force, even in the name of righteousness, is to join with the very force that one is seeking to eradicate.

Only love can defeat violence, for it has no part in it. Wherever one looks, love does not seek to overpower but to give and to bless.It holds the principle of respect for life.

That which denies respect for life shall lose its own self-respect. For though one may succeed in an effort through the superiority of might, such success is short-lived and one soon joins the defeated.

Let your heart seek peace and love, for then it will be aligned with the Universe itself that seeks the same end.

The antidote to violence is respect for life.  Respect does not force. It shows the way and leads by example.



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