Sanctifying the living Earth

The Mission of the Christ and the Energy of the Divine Mother


Part 2 - Those Who Serve

Julie of Light Omega

The universal mission of the Christ is undertaken in order to nullify the effect of forces of darkness upon the expansion of light.  The energy of the Divine Mother brings about the unification of All within All.  Both energies must come together in order to accomplish the transformation of the Earth into its next stage of evolution, namely, the vibration of love and unity.


Some souls are more part of one mission than the other.  Some have come with particular sensitivities to energies of darkness which they take into their own energy bodies, often during the process of incarnation, so that within their own embodied lives they may help the great work of planetary transformation through a portion of that transformation within their own body.  Energy that is held within an individual energy body is transformed not through an act of will or force, but through the interaction of darkness with light.  Even when such a soul does not feel or perceive the light they are carrying, the dark energies, held within the energy body, interact with the intent and capacity to remain faithful to the light.


Such intent characterizes many souls who struggle with energies of darkness on physical, mental, and emotional levels.  These souls often perceive the struggle to be all of who they are.  Yet, in the presence of that struggle and at its foundation is a strength of soul that has agreed, on a soul level, to interact with energies of darkness by remaining faithful to light.  Such an interface effectively transforms whatever current is held within the energy body.  However, since that current is often connected to an entire dimensional frequency in which such an energy operates, a soul who is in service in this way often does not feel that they are accomplishing anything.  Rather, that the darkness remains.


This is never true.  The impact of light on darkness is transformative since light is inherently stronger than darkness.  Though the overall effect of this change may not be witnessed by an individual experiencing the darker energies, it is the willingness to act as an embodied 'interface' between the two energy fields that provides the point of embodied contact so that energies on the Earth plane, as a whole, may be transformed.


Souls who take on energies of darkness often do not remain conscious of their path of service, believing themselves to be weak rather than strong, and vulnerable rather than purposeful.  It is only after light and the effect of light has manifested to a sufficient degree of intensity, that an individual soul may feel the greatness of their accomplishment.


In relation to the Earth as a whole, souls in service to the mission of the Christ often feel very small with respect to the job that needs to be done.  Yet, because the individual being is at all times connected with the greater planetary body, and even with the universe as a whole, there is no nullification of darkness on an individual level that does not have an effect on the larger whole of which each individual is a part.


With respect to the energy of the Divine Mother, this is the energy of universal love and oneness that exists within the deepest heart of all.  Because it is often covered over by energies of darkness, love becomes restricted, energies of fear and self-protection often gaining dominance within a given life, rather than motivations toward generosity and unity with all.


Nevertheless, it is toward the Divine Mother and her purposes that humanity as a whole is moving.  For the activation of the Divine essence within each human being is well under way at this time, and such an activation allows the soul to communicate more fully with the embodied awareness what it has always known and been as a part of the Oneness.  It is not the soul that needs to be activated, for the soul of each one is eternally in a state of connection with truth, being a part of that truth itself.  It is the connection with the embodied self that must strengthen, so that an embodied being knows itself to rest upon a secure foundation of Divine being and Divine love.  Such interior knowledge, then, gives rise to the capacity to love self and others with greater freedom and authenticity.


The Divine Mother is All in All.  There is no soul that is an exception to this, no matter what their outer presentation or actions.  Those who are in service to the Divine Mother come from many different spiritual traditions and backgrounds.  Yet, within the heart of each one is a vision and knowing of the possibility of living as an embodied being in a state of love and oneness.  It is this embodied life of the soul, expressed within the human dimension, that those in service to the Divine Mother seek, both for themselves as an experience of Divine union, and for humanity as a whole.


May all who serve the Divine missions of the Christ and of the Divine Mother be blessed, for their work has transformed the physical, energetic, emotional, and mental layers of the Earth's energy body, affecting all beings everywhere.




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