Sanctifying the living Earth

The Mission of the Christ and the Energy of the Divine Mother

Julie of Light Omega

What comes to us as light of the Highest that has the capacity to transform energies of darkness and separation within the realm of duality is the light of the Christ, capable of dissolving all darkness in the highest light. Such embodied light has been given to the Earth at this time in order to make possible the transformation of physical matter that has contained embedded energies of darkness — energies that in former times were intractable to the transformative power of light.  In this time, the light of the Christ, present in embodied form, brings forth a vibration of sufficient potency and degree to allow the Earth's physical and energetic body to free itself of what it has carried for a very long time. When this happens and to the degree that this happens, all physical bodies that are part of the Earth, that is, all who inhabit the Earth, both plants, animals, and human beings, are also transformed, since the body of the Earth includes all.


The Divine Plan for the Earth has made it possible for the light of the Highest to enter the realm of duality and to transform energies of separation in this way so that the Earth may move forward in its sanctified purpose of becoming a planet of light.  However, this is not all that is needed in order to complete the planetary shift.   In addition to the transformation of darkness, the awakening of the light of Unity, of Oneness, that comes through the physically embodied energy of the Divine Mother, of God as Mother, must be brought into consciousness so that the Oneness that is All can become a perceived experience within the realm of the physical.  Such an experience comes through the Earth as the living Presence of the Divine, and is given to all creatures and to all of humanity so that the vibrational knowledge that supports the new consciousness can exist within the physical body.  It is part of the Divine Plan for the Earth that the knowledge of Oneness coming through the energy of the Divine Mother that is the Being of the Earth, shall join with the light of the Christ that transforms energies of separation, so that a unity of wholeness can be established upon the Earth for all beings.  Such a Unity in consciousness and in vibration has been Divine intention since the beginning of time, and it is the joining of the energy of the Christ with the energy of God the Mother than shall bring this about.


Many devoted souls have contributed to this Divine Plan, many have come here specifically for this purpose, some aligning more with one part of this mission and some aligning more with the other. It is the work of all who have participated in the Divine Plan for the Earth that is now making possible the fulfillment of what has been known and intended from the beginning, but can only be accomplished now, according to the Plan for the holy Earth.


May all of life be blessed by this movement into greater wholeness. May all who have contributed to its accomplishment be blessed.



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