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Julie of Light Omega

While it is universally true that purification is a matter of the individual consciousness and its readiness to resume a life of being joined within a greater whole, it is also true that there are sub-currents within the physical human expression that advocate against such a decision, and that would prevent many from choosing such a unified life if given the means to influence this decision.  In order to prevent these sub-currents within the human psyche from taking hold and from preventing the further expansion of the soul and of the earth into greater light, the mission of the Christ is enjoined to participate in the earth's awakening so that the planetary body and her inhabitants will be able to move with grace into the unfoldment of its ordained purpose and destiny.

The sub-currents of darkness within the human psyche have existed throughout the many eons of human history and are a result of the original determination to separate from the Oneness.  But they are also reinforced by energetic forces which exist on a cosmic level that seek to stifle and prevent the joining of both planetary bodies and individual consciousness within the greater light.  These cosmic forces are part of the original act of Creation, coming into existence as the original Unity differentiated into pairs of opposites.  Therefore, their existence is sanctioned by God.  And yet their expression and influence within the sphere of manifestation needs to be prevented so that the rest of Creation and the universe of souls can move forward with its own unfoldment.

The mission of the Christ is that work which is undertaken in order to nullify the effect of the forces of darkness upon the expansion of light, and consists of both the goal of such nullification and the means for doing so.  For those souls who willingly and by individual choice became part of this mission, the work of learning to deal with the dark energies has been consistently pursued over many lifetimes.  Despite the great hardship in doing so, souls have chosen to engage with this area of spiritual life in order to further the Divine plan for the earth.  They have undergone great and extensive degrees of testing and training so that they would be able to perform their appointed role in the earlier times during which they lived, and also in the present time of global purification and the movement of the earth into a higher dimension of consciousness.

For such souls, the way has been difficult.  Prompted by great love for the Christ and for God, they have taken on an extensive amount of learning which has been necessary in order to allow them to develop a kind of immunity in relation to the forces of darkness.  For out of this immunity, to whatever degree it has been achieved, arises the ability to stand firmly as a force for light, and to act as a beacon of light for others who are in danger of being influenced by the counterforce of darkness.

In every corner of the world, and within every religion and spiritual circle, no matter what its doctrine or outer form, and no matter by what name it is called, souls have been following their own path associated with this mission, within whatever group, organization, or collective they belonged to.  Now, the time has come for maximum activation of this mission, and so each will be called upon to do what they know, namely, to stand as a force for light in the presence of darkness, and to steadfastly radiate that light for the benefit of the world.  Such gifts of soul to the greater humanity of which each is a part are known to God, and are, and will be, greatly blessed.

May each and every soul that has become part of the mission of the Christ know that they have already accomplished what God has asked of them, for through faithfulness and dedication throughout time, the world has been made ready for this next great leap into a new consciousness and into a new way of life.


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