Mandala of Harmony and Balance

Behold a new Earth arising.

The light within each one is being born.

Julie of Light Omega

At all times compassion is needed for those who are experiencing emotional difficulties that cause distress for themselves and others. Compassion is based on the fact that those enduring such difficulties often do not know how to get beyond them, how to think or feel differently, or that there is even a different way to feel that one could aspire to. It is this lack of consciousness and the sense of inevitability about certain longstanding emotional patterns that requires our compassion.  For in order to want to be different one must no longer hold one's feelings to be inevitable. This shift takes a great deal of emotional and spiritual learning and is often the project for a lifetime.


In the presence of expanding light, the results of unconsciousness concerning emotions has even greater effect. For here negative emotions of  great intensity are often brought to awareness and one can feel entirely justified in acting them out instead of realizing they are based on energy releasing from the body in the presence of greater light. When we add to the need for emotional clarity in general, the problem of distinguishing energies that are opposed to light and love that have been stored in the body and unconscious mind for lifetimes, the problem of discernment grows greater.  Indeed, without full understanding of what is happening, the potential to project these emotions onto others becomes very great. This happens for two reasons: first, because the intensity of emotions arising seem to require an outlet because they cause distress that one is unaccustomed to, and second, because the distinction between what belongs to the self and is part of one's current psychological make-up and what is not-self but an energy that one has carried for a while, cannot be made all at once.  One has to get used to the idea of a world of energy. One has to get used to the idea that emotions are not inevitable, no matter how justified they seem. One has to get used to the idea that expanding light upon the Earth initiates a process of purification for all beings that serves to clear out all that does not resonate with expanding light and love.


Very often, emotions that arise are ones that have been difficult to heal in the past, and so they have waited in a dormant state until such time as they could be brought into consciousness. For some these feelings are of fear or anxiety; for others of anger and blame; for still others of grief and sorrow. What has been particularly hard to deal with in the past has been stored within the body until such time as it could be taken out for review and healing.


Those who are in relationship with another going through the upsurge of feeling that purification entails, often bear the brunt of these arising emotions, sometimes feeling blamed unjustly due to projection; sometimes feeling shut out or rejected due to arising currents of depression; sometimes experiening the impact of the energies themselves without any emotional content. It can be a hard time for parents, partners, friends, and others who have been and strive to be in a long-term relationship with another.


Great compassion is needed both for the one dealing with newly arising intense energies that are creating an emotional upheaval, and for those nearby who are deeply affected by this process.  As with any situation, one has a choice concerning how to deal with it - distancing and avoidance being one option; honest communication and jointly finding the best available solution for the new picture of relationship emerging being another. As one person undergoes purification of feelings, so, too, do relationships go through a similar purification process, often not recognized as such.


In the midst of this upheaval, it is important to carry the mantra of forgiveness of self and of others. This does not mean that one is entitled to express or act out difficult feelings of any kind, but it does mean that one should be kind to oneself about having these feelings. Containment of emotional energies needs to be learned.  It needs to be practiced. And this can only happen when one engages with the purification process as a process with certain parameters and requirements related to the new elements that are entering consciousness.


It often happens that while the distress of seeing clearly what has been more hidden within the self is taking place, another opening is also taking place, namely, that one is beginning to see oneself as a soul created by God, and the door to Divine reality is at the same time opening. The opening of this door and the seeking of relationship with one's Divine core becomes the context, then, for holding the process of a difficult emotional reality.  One is becoming more spiritual and more transparent at the same time, both effects of expanding light within the body, heart, and mind.


Relationships can come to an end in the presence of emotional distress, or they can rise to a new level of healing capacity. They can create cooperation and mutual respect as new solutions our found for dealing with interactive issues, or they can lead to greater avoidance of communication with resulting alienation.  All who seek help during the experience of purification will gain help from the light itself, both within and without, for this light is a Divine heritage of every human being, and the circumstances that create the difficulties of purification also bring the foundational truths for the new and sacred reality that one is entering.


This is God's promise to humanity, the promise of the Covenant, that turning toward the Divine, toward the One whose Heart holds all, will initiate a reciprocal experience within the self of increasing degrees of knowledge, revelation, and healing.  Such is the blessing of purification and the blessed gift of the One to all.



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