Mandala of the Soul

Awareness offers choice;

Choice offers the way of return.



Julie of Light Omega

Just as the loss of alignment with light can take place along the following path of descent:

discouragement>>>self-pity>>>isolation>>>abandonment>>>rejection of God's reality.

so, too, can the path of return take place where there is a strong resolve of the heart and will to not give power to darkness.  This resolve has great import and great effect, especially when one returns to it time after time in the presence of growing awareness.

The wish to remain faithful to God's reality is a powerful wish, overcoming all obstacles in the way and rendering ineffective all efforts to remove one from a sacred reality and consciousness.

To counter the downward slide from discouragement toward rejection of God's reality, it is necessary to hold:

Only God is Real.

God is all there is.

All is held in God.

These three phrases (or similar understandings) articulate a singular truth that can be returned to again and again, namely, that there is nothing more real or more present than God and God's love, and that the claims of darkness to a greater reality are always and in every case false.  These claims are often supported by a volume of thoughts, sensations, and perceptions that appear to support their reality.  Therefore, it is necessary again and again to reaffirm that "God is all there is."

Even if the affirmation of Divine reality is done in a weak or shaky state, it holds power to counteract the pull in a different direction.  It is the way back from loss of alignment to the truth of Divine reality, at times when that truth appears to be receding into the background.

"Only God is Real" is the effective and sufficient means to progressively transsform consciousness and return it to the light.


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