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Choice offers the way of return.



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Repulsion is a feeling that involves a pushing away from something that feels distasteful, repugnant, or negative in an extreme way.  Even if the cause is unknown, the feeling creates the desire to flee, to avoid, to create distance, to turn away from something that feels distasteful or threatening.


The energy of opposition to light can create the feeling of repulsion toward that which, were it not present, would be perceived as light-bearing.  The feeling of repulsion may be considered to be the emotional aspect of an electro-magnetic phenomenon taking place within one's own energy body that is activated by an internal energy of darkness encountering light in an object or person, causing a desire to  create distance from this object, person, thought, or situation.


We are often deceived by the phenomenon of repulsion into thinking that it is generated externally due to simply not liking something or someone.  Or, that it is based on the reality of perceiving an energetic attack coming from outside us,  usually from another person.  Sometimes the feeling of repulsion arises with an accompanying sense of dread, yet at other times there is just the desire to flee without knowing why.  


What is difficult about the phenomenon of repulsion is the discernment that an energy within us is influencing our own thought process, and that this energy is not being caused by the object or person that it is directed toward.


Repulsion is caused by energy interacting with energy.  It is a property of the dynamic interplay of light and darkness and is not felt in all instances in which darkness is activated within the self.  This makes it more difficult to discern.


How do we remain in light when this phenomenon is present?


The way is through humility and love.  If thoughts are turning to judgment of another, or if the feeling of wanting to flee is being blamed on another, humility and love can allow us to at least look within ourselves to see more clearly what is going on, rather than looking at the ostensible external cause of the problem.  Humility and love allow for the possibility of withdrawing our own emotional projections of blame, even if they do not relieve the energetic phenomenon altogether, and even if the feeling of needing to gain distance still remains.


Sometimes space or separation are needed in order to gain the clarity to deal with the feeling of repulsion.  At such times prayer to be shown the truth of our own experience is important, as is a humble heart so that we can be shown whether the difficult energy is outside or inside our self.


Where judgment, blame, threat, or the need to flee are attributed to an external cause, or where the need to avoid is greater than can be reasonably explained, the humble heart that wishes to remain in love will at least ask to know whether repulsion may be operating.

After determining that it may be present, the compassionate heart will then ask for guidance to see what might be possible under existing circumstances, and whether the physical/energetic difficulty can be surmounted and replaced by love.



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