Mandala of the Soul

Awareness offers choice;

Choice offers the way of return.



Julie of Light Omega

In the presence of the darker energies, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that a choice is possible with respect to how to hold things.  The choice for light and God can still be made in the presence of darkness, and though this choice may be obscured by thoughts and feelings that are instituted by the darker energies,  both heart and will can be activated to counteract this influence. Such activation can initiate a turning to God and a reaching out for right alignment with the Divine.


Thoughts, feelings, and physical perceptions often claim to have more power than they necessarily have.  The point of separation lies in not identifying with them, and in the turning to the reality of God and of God’s love over and over again as the overarching and supreme reality.   This turning to God can alter the force of the intruding energies or feelings, as it separates one from complete immersion in their reality and draws one to a more real reality, the reality of wholeness, the reality of the One Divine being that infuses all things.


Only God is Real.

All is held in God.

God is all there is.


These are the statements of liberation which create an alternative to the implicit claim of the darker energies  to define reality.  Such definitions are false.  They rob one of the sacred truth that belongs to each soul.  They instill a sense of aloneness and separation into consciousness that is based in illusion.  They separate the embodied self from its own deepest awareness and being.


The presence of choice is based on a powerful assumption: that light is stronger than darkness, and that God is the only reality holding all else.  Even in the presence of doubt, even in the presence of unclear motivation, even in the presence of shakiness, the reality of the Divine can be turned to again and again and the prayerful request for Divine assistance can be made.  One does not have to have perfect faith in order to ask for help.  One does not have to have perfect belief or trust in order to ask for help.  Only the understanding that there is a choice is needed.  Only the reaching out is needed.


The sense of isolation created by the darker energies suggests to the mind that there is no way out of one’s present dilemmas, that the thoughts and feelings are inescapable.  The feeling can be so strong that there is an eclipse, not unlike a solar eclipse, over all other possibilities.  In the presence of such eclipse, one reaches for the invisible sun.  One reaches for God’s reality.  One reaches for Divine truth.  One prays.


The premise of the ‘point of choice’ is that God is the supreme authority in all things, and that all power belongs to God.  Disempowering the darker energies, one returns this power to God and in doing so reestablishes the proper relationship between the human and the Divine - the relationship of the sacred Covenant, the relationship of the soul to the Source from which it came.


The mind does not need to have all its questions answered in order to turn to God.  Indeed, the capacity of the darkness to produce doubt often disables the mind, creating a vortex of ideas and counter-ideas which draw one into a whirlpool of spiritual confusion.  In the presence of the mind’s doubt or confusion, it is still possible to turn to God with the heart.  It is still possible to pray and to reach to God.


The ‘point of choosing’ can liberate the embodied self from the influence of unwanted energies, and especially when repeated over time, such choosing becomes a way of life that restores purity, alignment, and a sense of one’s own integrity as a soul, forever connected to the Source from which it came.


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