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Alignment - Connecting With the Divine

Julie of Light Omega

Above all else, the process of purification involves a relationship with God at the center, informing every activity, every thought, every word, every breath.  This holy relationship exists between the Divine Creator and every soul, no matter what their background or religious beliefs, no matter what their status in life.  A return to this relationship reawakens awareness of one's Divine heritage, bringing forth streams of light into everyday life.  These are the streams that heal, transform, and purify life of all that continues to perceive itself as separated from God - all that is not of the light.

Purification as a process involves a turning toward God as a flower turns toward the sun, as a bird turns toward the sky. It is an orientation as natural and intimate as  the flower's turning.  Purification as a practice involves discovering the means for receiving the sun's rays without impediment, and also noticing when we have turned away even slightly from the radiance of light that warms us.

In order to maintain a habit of turning toward God, the practice of 'alignment' becomes important, for 'alignment' teaches the body and the consciousness how to open to light.  It instills in the awareness a knowing of how to return to our center when we have departed from it.  This practice is less a technique than a prayer, less a method, than an expression of love along the lines of "Lord, make me an instrument of Thy will."  In its essence, it teaches us how to open our hearts to greater love and how to bring energy from mind to heart. It also teaches us to recognize when our hearts are closed, or when we have strayed from the light in some other direction. 

Always, in every phase of purification, the path of return to light is available to us if we choose it.  No matter what mistakes or wrong turns we take, it is always possible to retrace our steps inwardly, and to re-locate what we have lost or set aside.

The commitment of purification is much like a betrothal in which the soul's yearning to be united with God's being and love will ultimately result in the marriage and fulfillment that each soul seeks, whether known to itself or not.  And yet, as a betrothal, purification requires more than a passing interest from those who seek to follow its principles. 

The commitment of the betrothed requires a seriousness of purpose and a longing of heart in order that the journey be taken and the goal reached.  The practice of 'alignment' is of assistance as a natural outgrowth of the desire to remain steadfast in relation to purpose.  However, the willingness to remain faithful must also be maintained while those elements of the psyche come to light that have been held within the secret recesses of the mind, heart, and body, even if these elements bring disturbances to the familiar order of things.  This turbulence of purification does not happen to everyone in the same way, nor with the same force, but it does happen because in the presence of God's light, what was hidden becomes known, and what has contained darkness, reveals itself as the true measure of what it is.

The ancient teachings of light embrace all souls who seek the light, and the radiant presence of God's grace and love embrace all souls who seek that love.  Therefore, there need be no fear in moving forward with the purification process, for what was old and worn shall be made new, and what was lacking in love shall be released forever so that only love remains.  This is God's promise to those who seek the way of return.  It is the promise of blessing to each heart that yearns for the light of a new day.


- The Practice of Alignment -


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