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There is a current of energy in the universe of Creation that brings all things forward into greater wholeness.  As this happens, they manifest more of the Divine imprint and core with which they were created.  Since this Divine imprint and core is always positive, coming from the Unity of goodness, love and wisdom that are of the Creator, all things are evolving into their more positive aspects at all times, no matter what may appear to be the case.  This is true of planets, star systems, human beings, non-human life forms and all forms of life from the smallest to the largest.   

What this means is that the energy that created all things is continuously bringing all things into greater being-ness, and is doing so silently behind the scenes, even when great hardship,  misfortune, and tragedy appear to be taking place within the experiential reality of individuals, groups, nations, and planetary bodies. 


Out of all destruction, out of all setback, out of all limitation, forces are at work to turn that limitation into an aspect of evolving goodness, irrespective of the kind of limitation or hardship that exists, and irrespective of its severity.


What creates limitation and hardship may come from multiple sources - from karmic influences, from energetic forces of opposition to the expansion of light, from the need for healing in a particular way and at a particular time which brings into being specific circumstances of hardship, and from a path of service that may involve considerable sacrifice.   Nevertheless, despite the cause of limitation, built into experience itself is a process of growth, a positive force of Creation that will turn that limitation, by the swiftest possible means, into the forward movement of manifesting the greater truth and beingness of the Divine core of all, and, in the case of a planetary body, will bring into forward movement the greater expression of the planetary body itself.


There is no form of limitation that exists in and of itself. 


There is no limitation that is held apart from God and apart from the universal force of Creation that brings all things into greater wholeness, working in and through the limitation itself to conform it and turn it to the production of the greatest good.


This is the illusion created by darkness, opposition, limitation, and what appears within physical reality as  an impasse, namely, the illusion that the limitation exists in and of itself, apart from God.  This can never be the case.  For all is held within God, and all is imbued with the force of Creation that is at the core of every living thing, producing the inherent forward motion of consciousness and being into the greater manifestation of the Divine core within.


It is for this reason that conscious beings are asked to hold a double vision in relation to all circumstances that appear to constrict, limit, or prevent growth from happening.  On the one hand, there is the vision produced by the experience of limitation and hardship itself, a vision which is inherently a part of the limitation in whatever form it may appear.  On the other hand, conscious beings are asked to hold another vision related to what is invisible and hidden, namely, the way in which God through the force of Creation is working toward greater manifestation and liberation of greater good in and through the specific form of limitation that is taking place.


There is no exception to the Principle of Evolving Wholes.  It is everpresent and universal.  It applies to all situations and all beings.


There is no limitation and no form of restriction that exists outside of God, for all that is exists within God.


For this reason, one may endure pain, knowing that pain itself is transformative, is bringing about greater good than appears on the surface of things or that makes sense to the conscious mind.  This is not a reason to seek pain, but it is a reason to have confidence that in the presence of pain and of all restriction, deprivation, and hardship, the force of God's manifesting Presence is inherently working to turn the existing limitation into a greater good.


This is not only always the case, but it is the case even in specific areas of service where great sacrifice has been made in order to benefit the planet itself or human beings as a whole.  The Principle of Evolving Wholes is here at work to turn what appears to be stagnant, static, or non-productive into a new manifestation of light and life.


May all beings recognize this principle of goodness that manifests throughout Creation in the midst of whatever suffering may be taking place.  May all come to know that there is only God, there is always God, and that no limitation or form of darkness exists apart from this. 


Blessings and Amen.  May it become the knowledge of the land that only God is real.




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