Burst into singing all ye lands,

for the time of awakening is here.

Julie of Light Omega

What is the 'principle of light' that may be applied to pain?  It is this: That a 'way through' can be found in the presence of any level of difficulty.  This does not mean that the difficulty itself will disappear, only that if one asks, if one reaches, the means will be given to get through it emotionally, physically, mentally, or spiritually.  This premise is based on the assumption of Divine goodness inherent in the soul nature of every living human being.  Because we live on the Earth, because we live in bodies, the soul that inhabits these physical expressions can provide the 'way of light' through any seemingly insurmountable challenge.

God's love is present in this interpretation of reality, although some might think that the obliteration of pain itself would be a far greater expression of love.  Nevertheless, that outcome can only become possible through the circumstance of spiritual evolution creating a point at which pain as a teacher is no longer needed.  Before that, it cannot simply be 'done away with.'  Yet, in the presence of challenge, in the presence of pain, God's love expressed as the 'light of the soul' can shine through.

What is the 'principle of light' that relates to the presence of the soul within each embodied being?  It is this: That the soul's presence is continuous and eternal.  For each human being it is always radiating the light and truth that is part of its inherent nature.  Why then, one may ask, does not each human being feel and experience their own soul?  This is a complex matter, due to the fact that while the soul remains eternally present, access to that awareness may disappear for shorter or longer periods of time, sometimes for lifetimes.  When this happens it is a great sorrow for the embodied being.  For it is soul awareness that allows us to contact the deeper truths by which we live.  It is soul awareness that allows us to believe in the goodness of life, even in the presence of all that is destructive and harmful.  And it is soul awareness that lets us know in the deepest possible way that we are children of the Creator.

Access to soul awareness and truth may be covered over for many reasons, yet even in the presence of the deepest covering the truth of the soul is indelible.  It can never be erased.  It can never be diminished.  One can only lose the feel for it.  For this reason, in the midst of darkness one must seek with all one's might to anchor within the light of the soul, even if it cannot be felt in a tangible way.  The truth of the soul, the truth of life, the truth of the goodness of the One, remain as inherent qualities of knowing within one's own being.

This is the testament of hope that lives within each of us.  It is what makes faith possible.  It is what makes joy possible.  And it is ultimately what will bring about the full transformation of the Earth into a planet of souls who live consciously and with full gratitude upon it.

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