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The light within each one is being born.


Julie of Light Omega

In the course of purification, many experience the helplessness of being unable to immediately alter the circumstances and conditions of energies that are purifying.  This helplessness, so intrinsic to the process of purification, offers a choice between protesting, denying, or rebelling against such conditions, or placing them in the embrace of Divine light and love and asking for help with the further clearing out of unwanted energies, thoughts, and emotions.

The premise involved in such turning to God is that there is only a certain amount that one can do on one's own in order to alleviate certain internal conditions that are not self-chosen on a conscious level, and that for the rest, one's  relationship with the Divine is the central axis around which all change needs to occur.

Such surrender to the Divine for help, guidance, and grace is at the heart of the purification process and also at the heart of man's Covenant with God. (See: Becoming a Holy People). It does not eliminate the need to do what one can to alleviate pain and suffering or to work with existing patterns of thought and behavior that are negative, unwanted, or self-destructive, but it places within the context of Divine and holy light, all that needs to be changed and transmuted.

The willingness to surrender control in this way is a necessity built into the circumstances of purification, for these circumstances are largely internal rather than external, and cannot be altered by an action that affects outer reality.  Rather, they are emotional and mental responses to inner and outer reality and, as such, can be ignored, denied, blamed on others, or avoided as best one can through substitute activities, gratifications, or through a process of numbing, but these are all ways of masking their truth, not ways of dealing with them.

The only effective means of dealing with the helplessness that arises during the purification of internal conditions that are in need of change is to bear the truth of their existence and to transmute them through turning the process of healing over to God with the desire to participate in the expansion and expression of Divine light, will, and wisdom. This transmutation can dissolve negative energies in the light of consciousness and turn what was limiting into something that is expansive and light-filled.

A degree of comfort in surrender is required in order to uphold this perspective that those who need strongly to 'do something' may find difficult to endure.  This may especially be true at first, when the experience of the presence of Divine light and love has not yet become a fixed reality. Nevertheless, persistence in continuing with purification means continuing to place all that needs changing within the hands of the Divine, and learning more and more effectively to align with the Source and to make oneself an instrument of that Source.

The problem of helplessness, in addition to the original mental, emotional, or physical pain it seeks to alter, is twofold.  On the one hand, it is challenged on an ego level as a result of the ego's not being in control in the ways that it has been accustomed to.  On the other, it is also challenged by dark energies that seek to interfere with the purification process through amplifying thoughts that are self-denigrating or self-accusatory.  These thoughts imply that there is no point in surrendering to Divine will in this way and that what is really needed is action in a different direction.  Thus, the persistence needed during the purification process is challenged both by the voice of one's own ego which chafes against having to submit to conditions it would rather not endure, and by energies of darkness which amplify feelings of impatience, doubt, and frustration, and support feelings of foolishness or failure that result from not being able to 'do something' to make things better.

In the course of the purification process, it becomes evident that what on one level appears as helplessness, is, at another level, the opposite, namely, the empowerment of the soul to take charge of one's life in a whole new way – a way that was not possible before.  Therefore, what one gives away in the way of authority on the level of the smaller self, also becomes what one receives from the higher levels of one's being in the way of guidance, help, support, and light.

The process of purification is often chosen by souls that have already come to understand the principles of light and of the transmutation of negative energies and who desire to serve God.  Yet, especially today, it can also come upon people unawares as a result of the greater presence of light on the earth.  As a result, those who have no particular spiritual background and no articulated concepts about the process may, at this time, also find themselves involved in a purification process without calling it such.

In the presence of the arrival of greater light on the earth, all souls will eventually be thrust into their own process of purification and transformation and will, as a result, encounter what has been hidden or concealed within themselves.  In the face of this collective event affecting human consciousness, the earth is and will be changed, and the foundation for a new way of life will be created.

May the blessings of light and understanding be with all who have chosen to be on the earth today in order to undergo this very process.  And may the experience of Divine light and love which surrounds each and every soul with an aura of blessing, be an everpresent support to this undertaking.


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