Burst into singing all ye lands,

for the time of awakening is here.


Message from the One

Releasing the past, my beloved children, requires only that one look toward the future with trust, knowing that the identity that will be is coming into being, even while the identity that was is on its way out.  The sense of the unknown is part of this experience, and it is a joyful unknown, one in which the new shall permeate the very fibers of one's deeper being to transform all that has been tired and poor, giving it new life and new vitality.  Trust is key in this, my children, and a sense that there will not be a day that goes by when you are alone with the unknown, but rather that you will be held, loved, and guided through all change that is to occur.

There is often sorrow that accompanies a release of the past, and this sorrow is the natural measure of what has been loved and what has proven to be a gift in life, however lacking it may have been, and however lacking it may now be in its capacity to accompany one into the future.  Nevertheless, in many cases and despite its limitations, the past has served you well, and has propelled you to where you are at this present moment. Now, however, it is time to let it go, to accept the sadness that often accompanies loss and to breathe into it.  Let it fill you with the understanding that you have now incorporated into yourself whatever was valuable about what came before, and are letting go of that which cannot be used or which was harmful or destructive. 

This is important, for life, in its complexity, its beauty, and its limitation, cannot often be placed in one category.  Therefore, release all that has held you back or acted in a harmful way over your identity and life, and continue to accept or embrace those parts of the past that have been wrapped in love and carry them with you in your heart into the future.

Where releasing the past involves letting go of persons, this, too, must be accepted as part of the movement into the new.  Persons with whom one has shared life also can become part of the heart, whether the path ahead intersects with theirs or not.  Persons can also be loved and valued, even if one says goodbye to them.  Again, it is a matter of accepting the sadness that moving forward involves, and sometimes it is a matter of having an outer expression of letting go so that the heart can feel a sense of closure, knowing that all that needs to be said has been said, and all that needs to be done has been done.  This outer expression can be a conversation, a gesture, a ritual, or an inner experience of prayer.

The time is now, my beloved children, for this releasing, and for stepping out of the confines of clothing that was too tight and too binding, into the greater freedom of a new garment of the spirit that will feel more enhancing and permit greater expression.  It is not something that the mind need understand except to know this: that the heart and soul are being called by a Divine imperative at this time, and that those who choose to serve this call and to walk toward an unknown future are not doing so out of foolishness, but out of a compelling sense that there is a direction that is intended for the soul to walk in, and that in doing so, all will turn out well.

Blessed is this moment in time, my children, for the beginning of the new has arrived, and you are asked to join the movement toward the future for yourself and for all planetary beings.


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