Mandala of the Soul

The intertwining of soul energies

creates a dance of life


Julie of Light Omega

The patterning of energy emitted by each soul as a result of choices made in thought,  word, or deed, brings into proximity energies from the surrounding spiritual environment that resonate with the energies being sent forth.  This principle of 'energetic resonance' is magnetic in its effect, for the emitted energies, whether emotional or otherwise, draw to themselves corresponding forces in the spiritual environment which join with these to create a synergy that amplifies the energy in two individuals if we are speaking of  a partnership, or in a group of individuals if we are speaking of a family, community, or larger collectivity.

Where this joining takes place for healing purposes, such an amplification or synergy  in relation to the shared energies may be useful, since it more easily brings to the fore those healing issues that are shared in common.  In a spiritual setting, it also enables two people or a group to receive more light than each could do on their own. However, when the emitted energies have a destructive intent and meet up with others of a similar vibration, the effect is more destruction since the cumulative effect of the energies is greater than the sum of the individual energies, taken alone.

This interactive patterning of energy is not something that human beings are generally aware of, yet it is something that will become more conscious as each soul comes to understand and care about the effect that they have on the surrounding environment.  This level of awareness and of responsibility can only occur, however, when an individual consciousness feels linked to the greater whole.  Such a perceived connection then motivates the further purification of each and every thought and action that would have a deleterious effect on that whole.

As long as human beings were not conscious of their effect on others and did not  perceive themselves to be part of a greater unity, such an effect could be treated indifferently or carelessly.  It is only when relationships are perceived in their full measure of interconnectedness, that the resonant patterning of energies becomes a primary means of regulating both what is shared with others, and what is put forth in order to attract the desirable to oneself.

From the standpoint of meeting those other souls with whom one most deeply resonates, it is necessary to first activate and send forth the soul qualities that one wishes to share, before others can be drawn into one's energetic orbit. The principle of resonance operates in this way: that one draws to oneself that which one resonates with as a common vibrational frequency.  For this reason, each individual soul will seek, in the future, to become attuned more clearly and more continuously to the vibrational frequency that they are sending out, if what is desired is to draw to themselves those with whom they can share the greatest intimacy and the deepest experiences of life.

The idea that opposites attract also has popular currency today, and there is truth in this as well.  However, relationships in which certain qualities are polarized on the human level, are generally ones in which the soul has chosen to amplify a particular quality within the self that has gone into dormancy or recession, and for this reason chooses a partner who will draw that quality out of oneself.  This choice also takes place according to the principle of resonance, but under these circumstances, it is resonance in relation to a quality that is in need of engagement or enlargement that the soul, at its own level, has chosen to work toward in a particular lifetime.

Over time, each soul comes to be able to rely on its own intuition to distinguish more intimate soul friends from those who are less intimately connected, and this, too, is a result of energetic learning.  For one's conscious self can distinguish through the shared energy that takes place, which souls are closest to one's own spiritual essence and purpose, and which are further away.  These distinctions which are made more unconsciously at this time, will, as light increases, become more natural and frequent, and will draw to each soul the ones that each belongs with at the deepest levels of meaning and experience.  


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