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There is a kind of physical resurrection to new life that is broader and more universally applicable than that housed within Christian tradition and biblical narrative.  This resurrection is no less miraculous than the raising of Lazarus nor the ascension of the Master from the embrace of physical death.  Indeed, the miraculous is imparted to both the historical and biblical examples and to the current possibilities for resurrection in exactly the same way.  Both partake of the mystery of Divine life that is capable of being so vital, so alive, so compelling, and so magnetic, that it can draw what is dead into new life.  It can bring bodies, cells, tissues, and even that which seems impossible to heal, into new life.

This is the nature of Divine life.  It exists as a “calling forth,” as a compelling magnetic ‘pull’ to which the life within all beings, cells, and tissues responds with an overwhelming “yes,” because that life which recognizes Divine life and also contains it within itself, wants to live.  It wants to live as an innate part of its being, as an innate part of how it was created.  Thus, Lazarus who had been dead, was called by the Divine life within the voice of the Master to come forth from death and to live again.  The soul within Lazarus heard the Life that was calling him and yearned enough to come to that Life so that the yearning and the magic of the Divine call could overcome even death.

Similarly, cells and tissues, whether of plants, animals, or those of human beings can feel the call of Divine life and be brought back from death.  Here, the physical cells, like Lazarus once dead, now begin to rise again and to be reborn..

This return of the tissues and cells to new life, called by the Divine, is the essence of the miraculous of the Christian mysteries, now universal mysteries.  It is the essence of the power of Divine creation which is constituted with a life force that can be called upon to draw all created beings from death to life, and not only from death to life, but from smaller life to greater Life.  This can happen on the level of the emotions, on the level of the heart, on the level of the body.  All can be drawn by the call of Divine life to a greater life.

Resurrection, then, is the most extreme form of this calling forth, since it draws forth that which has left the realm of physical life altogether into a return.  It activates the longing within the heart, cells, and the very atoms and molecules of the body itself to partake of the Divine life that is calling, that exists at the center of all things, both great and small.  Divine life calls forth the life within all things to respond to the will of the Creator to rejoin or become part of the greater Life.  This may be considered less remarkable in the area of emotional and spiritual expansion and rebirth which are more common today, but it partakes of the same principle as that which can recall Lazarus from the dead.

All that is born partakes of the magnetic attraction to Divine life because it recognizes it as its core self and desires within each cell to return to unity with this Divine core.  Such is the nature and basis for resurrection, and its capacity to return what is dead to life will become more apparent in the future as Divine life upon the Earth expands and becomes more compelling in its presence, and as the physical matter of the Earth is transformed.  As a result of this, the life within that physical matter will become even more responsive to the Divine call.  Then, miracles of healing can take place that have not been possible before, and that which was given up as lost and impossible of cure can also return to the realm of the living.

The power of resurrection is the power of the Son-ship, the Christ that is capable of calling forth all things into new life.  In the time ahead, such will be the power of resurrection, and the miracles that are born from it will be witnessed by all as Divine life manifests its presence and takes its place more fully upon the Earth.



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