The birth of a holy planet

Sacred Teachings of Purification - The Way of Embodiment


Two Sundays, 2-3pm


Availabe in 2018


The sacred teachings of purification lead the human being from the personality back to the soul, so that life on Earth may be lived in a sacred way.  Many inhabitants of the Earth today hold much spiritual knowledge in their understanding of principles and concepts. Yet, often, the residue of long-standing difficulties, both internal and interpersonal remain.  This is due to the fact that these concepts have not yet become fully embodied.  Purification, through the activation of the energy of spiritual light, is the means by which the personal self can reunite with the the holy Divine self, and a return to a conscious union with the Divine can take place.

You are welcome to come for one or both meetings with Julie.  What is discussed will be different each time, yet the underlyng principles remain the same.

Julie is offering her Divine service freely to those who wish to learn more about the purification process they are already in.  A donation for each Sunday in the amount you are guided to is requested in acknowledgment of the Divine blessings you are receiving and to support the work of Light Omega. To learn more about this offering, join the Light Omega Mailing List.




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