Mandala of the Soul

Holding inner truth at the center



Julie of Light Omega

Relationships in which one is dependent upon another for identity, self-esteem, self-recognition, or hope, cannot be whole in the sense of each person bringing the fullness of themselves to the relationship.  Only a relationship in which each one is free to be different from the other, yet, at the same time to be supportive to the other, is one in which the soul can fully express and flourish.

'Freedom to be' is encouraged within a free society, and yet in practice may be very limited by the personal and emotional limitations that people have that determine and shape relationships.  The fear of disapproval, of rejection, of anger, of devaluing, of criticism – all these fears operate sometimes at high levels, sometimes at low, to condition the expression of one's freedom so that it becomes more of what will be palatable to others, and less of who one really is.

When a relationship allows the full measure of expression of the inner being of another, it can truly be said to be a soul-friendship.  For soul-friends operate within the parameters of love and support and give to each other the full permission and encouragement to plumb the depths of their hearts and to find the means to give the deepest self, expression. 

Many relationships claim this kind of freedom and this kind of friendship.  However, in order for this to be an actuality, it is necessary that each one in such a relationship have a center within themselves that can hold steady in the face of differences with others and in the face of disapproval.  An independent and free center is necessary for an independent and free relationship, and this can only come about through the cultivation of an awareness of the source of our being so that we may act out of the true integrity of who we really are.

Souls come together on the earth in order to support each other, sometimes visibly, sometimes in ways that are invisible.  The friendship that it is possible to have with another soul is a great gift of life to each one who incarnates with others, for it offers opportunities for growth and learning that could not possibly happen otherwise.

Relationships, nevertheless, have to be cultivated and watched over the way one would watch over the growth of a young plant that is tender and can be vulnerable to both wind and extreme temperatures until it becomes established.  So, too, must relationships be watched over, so that they move in the direction of freedom and self-expression in authentic ways, and so the pitfalls of co-dependency do not become prominent.

The possibility for one soul supporting another and making a difference to the life-direction of another is great, even when inner freedom is present. For souls have come together precisely for this reason - to serve as guides and helpers for each other and to point the way that another cannot see.  Nevertheless, in a friendship of the soul, all suggested direction by others will ultimately be referred to the inner truth-sense of the self, and all perspectives that are held by others will also be referred to this inner truth sense. 

When we awaken to the inner wisdom that lies at the core of who we are, we will be more capable of having friendships that support this inner wisdom and help it to flourish, and will similarly become able in all the ways that the world of relationships allows, to help others awaken to become themselves as well.


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