Mandala of the Soul

Awareness offers choice;

Choice offers the way of return.




Julie of Light Omega

One of the effects of the capacity of darkness to imitate light is to create a flood of what feels like spiritual energy of a creative sort that produces an inflated sense of what is possible.  This grandiosity of thought which zooms ahead, fueled by the false energy of darkness seeming to be light, leaves the groundedness of what is and can distort situations and expectations so that they are no longer respectful of either collective reality or of that which might pertain to an individual person.

The spiritual energy of light and the psychic energy produced by darkness can feel very similar, and so a humble and prayerful heart is needed to distinguish between the two, especially if thoughts, plans, and ideas create a sense of boundless hope, optimism, and new possibilities that were not there before.  How to tell when hope and joy about a new idea is justified and when it is not can be a difficult matter.  Humility is key, and the willingness to put one's own plans in service to the Divine Plan for all.  'Thy will be done' is the keynote here, with the request to be shown if one is incorrect in the appraisal of what is taking place.  Where new plans or ideas  may create expectations for others, it is possible to consult them directly about any new expectations, to see whether the expanded sense of the possible fits in with their own thinking.  Respect alone can then act as a restrainer to any tendencies toward grandiosity that might, on their own, seek to influence one's behavior toward others.


Always, the signature of light is love, and energies of darkness cannot produce this signature.  Therefore, if the rush of psychic energy produces confusion, anxiety, uncertainty, or just a feeling of being out of balance, it is important to take time to pray about it and to ask the One in whom all is held to show the way toward greater clarity and truth.



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