Mandala of the Soul

Awareness offers choice;

Choice offers the way of return.



Julie of Light Omega

There is a ‘sphere of mirages’ within the planes of darkness that many souls who seek guidance have contact with, and thus are brought into the plane of illusion, believing it to be truth.

Within this sphere, the illusions can be many.  They can affect the mind, representing themselves to be guidance coming from the realms of light or from God, when in fact they are coming from darkness-masquerading-as-light.  They can also affect the body, creating sensations and perceptions that are both physical and energetic.  Their purpose is to create mistrust in God or in those from the realms of light who are helping and guiding.  Their medium is through the mind or the body, and their effectiveness is such that they can create both large and small dramas that involve the embodied self in complex ways, sometimes for long periods of time.  Dramas of an inner kind can, for example, convey to the emotional/mental self that the force of light is battling encroaching darkness with the feeling being created that it cannot hold it back or prevent it from encroaching.  An entire battle between light and darkness can be constructed on a large scale or on a small scale, with the goal of creating fear that light is not strong enough and that darkness will win the battle or that the battle will go on indefinitely.  Within this battle, darkness-masquerading-as-light can play a significant role.


In addition, there are sensations like ‘shadows’ that appear and disappear within the plane of illusion, whose purpose is to create discomfort and the perception that they are real.  They are not real, but are perceivable as physical sensations.

All illusions are dispelled by recognizing that they are not real.  Recognition comes from knowing that God's light is stronger than darkness, that the feeling of unsafety, if it occurs, is produced by darkness or darkness-masquerading-as-light, and that all is held in God who is watching over everything and is aware of everything, creating the safety of ultimate truth.


The number of illusions within this sphere can be many and their construction elaborate.  One must be aware of the possibility, especially when mistrust in God, light, or in those who are helping is increasing, that one may have been touched by the sphere of illusion.  Also, when it feels like one is forever engaged with forces of darkness with  no way out. 


Help is always available in dealing with this sphere, through asking for guidance to separate truth from illusion, through aligning with light, and through knowing that the possibility exists, especially when fear or mistrust in Divine reality is present, that illusions that are overturning one's faith in spiritual reality are being cultivated.

This is an inner learning for many at this time.  Yet, it will become an outer learning for many in the future.  All of light is ready and available to steady those who are touched by or engaged with the 'sphere of illusion,' and all help will be given to those who ask.


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