Mandala of the Soul

Let the world and its inhavitants know that all are One.



Julie of Light Omega

I. The Birth of Democracy

The 'birth of democracy' within the thirteen colonies which later became the United States of America is not seen today as something that is of benefit to America alone.  The manifested spiritual ideal that gave birth to a nation became the foundation for democracies everywhere, for each nation according to what they were ready to receive and in what measure.  The 'birth of democracy' in the eighteenth century was for the entire world a remarkable achievement, one that brought something new to the Earth in the way of spiritual evolution.  This new flame of an ideal, given by the higher Realms of Light, had not been here before or even thought possible before. In its conception and in its manifestation it was wholely remarkable.  And while imperfectly realized both at that time and now, it lit a spiritual spark within all nations of the world who were ready to receive it, who were ready to incorporate the new model of relationship between government and the governed.


It is from this perspective that the conflict between America as 'the leader of the world' and America as a 'participant in the world' can finally be resolved.  For America's participation is by way of service, the service of bringing something new into the world for the benefit of the world, not for the benefit of self.  The 'birth of democracy' is an example of this and there are other examples yet to come. In each instance,  one nation can provide a focal point to bring through the next evolutionary step in humanity's consciousness.  It can become a light for all nations.  This is the role of America and it is a role of service. It is not a role of superiority.  It is not a role of supremacy. It is to be a focal point of light through which the new comes into being.



II. The Spiritual Meaning of 'Republic'


Within a Republic representation is the keynote.  This has to do with those who are elected acting on behalf of the body politic, rather than each person casting a vote representing their own interests.


Representation within a Republic is both a spiritual concept and a political one.  It is founded in a deep understanding of 'sacred trust' that must be assumed by those who represent others. Such trust could not happen before now because the basis for it could only be the belief that there is a  'common good,' something that benefits all, and that serving the common good could be instituted in a way in which all needs could be met. This assumption has barely been visible throughout history, and even when visible was most difficult to put into practice. To make this assumption is to know that what unifies human beings who are all embodied souls with a Divine nature is stronger than whatever appears to divide them.  America has not yet achieved this level of realization, nor has any other nation. Only through recognition of the true spiritual meaning of representation and of sacred trust can the vibrational status be achieved that is needed to bring forth a unity of purpose that can realistically serve the common good. This achievement of vibrational unity is the foundation for the formation of a true Republic.


Today, the effect of fear and animosity directed toward certain government policies, toward the person of the president, and toward 'big-government' in general, creates dis-trust in government rather than trust.  It thereby reverses the movement toward a true Republic that is already in motion. We witness, at present, the interference of an energy that promotes self-interest in the name of freedom, and that dissuades many from believing that serving the 'common good' can hold the interests of all.  This energy would thwart the purposes of movement forward toward Republic, and create not only a movement backward toward self-interest, but also, in its instigation of fear and distrust of an intense kind, it activates the willingness of each one to take matters into their own hands.


We have seen this today in the multiple outbreaks of violence that are now so common, and we see it, too, in the relationship of certain individuals and groups toward the second amendment that protects the right to bear arms.  This 'right' grew out of another time and another level of spiritual awareness which is not of the present. It grew out of a collective consciousness that could hold the principles of liberty and equality in a more or less conscious way, but could not hold the principle of 'unity' in the same way.  For the darkness that created exclusion of certain groups and persuasions operated strongly when the second amendment was created. Since then, a transition of great importance has taken place, to the point where a greater acceptance of diversity has become part of the deeper beliefs of most people.  In this, the expansion of light on Earth is a fundamental agent, and it is this same light that shall give rise to the sense of unity that will allow the founding of a true Republic based on the principle of love and unity, where none may seem possible right now.



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